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Welcome, stranger or friend.

Currently I enjoy writing in three novels here: Survivor, FLESH, and Midnight People. You'll find that where ever I write I'm working on some similiar themes. Ok, this is the thing that really bugs me, you know; I write in all these novels and I practice the craft of writing but I can never think of very much to put on my home page to make it interesting reading. In this case I have three characters with this one nick currently and so which one do I represent? They're all basically Zack. They exhude Zackness (and even a little Cliveness to be honest) but still they don't share biographies. So what do I put here? It's a connundrum.

I write for The Midnight People

My Novels:

When the Dead Come Knocking
The Midnight People - Out of Print
Survivor! Pan Historia
Zone : Horror
Zone : Fantasy
The Midnight People
The Bitter Sky

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Black and Blue
The Symposia

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Ghost Nebula
Where Time Stands Still

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Coventina le Fay
Bellatrix Lestrange
Jalena Bey

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I like the new turn!
Oct 09, 2018 05:25 am
Apocalyptic atmosphere perfectly conveyed!
Feb 05, 2017 01:52 pm
Oh... very good! Nothing more to say. Very good!
Nov 16, 2016 08:12 pm
It's how we treat our enemies that shows who we are. Great post!
Nov 16, 2016 07:39 pm
Nicely done!
Aug 07, 2016 04:23 am

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