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Hi, m'name's Jack, twenty one years old, twenty two come fall. Set off independent like, away from my folks back on the farm in Texas hill country, sweet l'il town called Colina. Sorta borrowed mah folks money, without askin'...but ah'm hopin' tuh make it real rich an' then pay em back twice over. So don't be guiltin' me with yuh morals or nuthin'.

Ah headed on over tuh Tombstone, ain't really sure why, figure it's cause of the fact that it started out with nuthin, like me, an' then it went an' made itself all up an' comin' in the world. Got a theatre, gamblin' halls, sportin' places, saloons...everythin' yuh'd figure tuh find in a real civilised town. A whole heap of a lot better than what was back home.

So I figure ah'll stay a spell, start off small an' build up. Like the town did. Thought the place was kinda mean at first, tried sayin' howdy tuh a few folk but they weren't havin' none of it, got the cold shoulder so bad I had half a mind tuh pick up an' leave right then an' there. But ah stuck it out, t'weren't long before I got me a horse neither. Real purdy one too he is, named 'im Outlaw, on account of him bein' so darn spirited. Nearly took Jaden's head clean off.

Heck, ah ain't even mentioned Jaden Freeman now have I? An' here's me sayin' there weren't nobody worth talkin' to in town. Ah forgot bout Mr Freeman. Met him few days after I arrived in town, way I recall, he was bein' chased around by some fair lady by the name of Eleanor. Boy, that woman could make a saint weep for mercy 'til she went away, ah swear. It ain't that she's bad lookin' or nuthin, but she can scold an' nag tuh beat the band.

Anyhow, saved Jaden from li'l Miss Temperance an' he saved me from a big ol' bear. I reckon that about evens us fellas out don't you? Still, ahm gonna get some mighty scars down my back from that grizzly sonuvabitch, ah don't see Jaden gettin' any real lastin' damage from Eleanor save maybe a ringin' in the ears.

So ah taught Jaden bout pickin' out a good horse, ah love horses yuh see, ridin' em, tamin' em...ah just love the damn things. Jaden wouldn't know a fine filly from sun bleached crow bait the dumb city boy, but I helped him out some. An' then he helped me out with buyin' a pistol, well that's us even an' square all over again ain't it. Wouldn't do tuh be in debt to no one.

Speakin' o' debt. I started runnin' outa money real fast, what with buyin' me a plot o' land tuh call mah own. An' a tent tuh put on it. An' then there was a bunch o' supplies ah bought when me an' Jaden went out ridin' and camped over by this mine. Boy that was some adventure I tell yuh what, the mine was damn near haunted, ah got attacked by a bear, we found fools gold far as yuh could see.

But anyhow, ah got a job in the hardware store tuh make a livin'. Ended up takin' Caroline the bosses daughter to the dance in town, she helped me get some neat duds to wear. Funny thing was though, ah ended up takin' Caroline an' another lady called Jenny tuh the dance. Jenny, bein' a fallen lady an' all, she got teased by the other girls an' went on home without me knowin'. Which was real bad since there's this mean fella called Nick Stokes, he's been terrorizin' Jenny an' gettin' her all afeared of even steppin' outside. Well, me an' Jaden figured that she'd left the dance an' Nick weren't no where around. So he an' I both burst outa the dance an' after Miss Jenny. I found her none too soon neither, that devil Nick was takin' liberties an' ah don't know what else. Ah din' realize he had a gun 'til I was grabbin' the fella. Got mahself a few bruises, but I din' get shot. Jaden an' me, ah reckon we scared him real good. Teach him a lesson fer hurtin' a lady.

Well, seen as how we'd left the dance. An' our ladies were most likely gonna bite our heads clean off if we went back. Me an' Jaden, figured it'd be real wise to high tail it outa town fer a spell, least til mornin'.

Then later we bought ourselves Redstar Mine, on account of us doin' some favours for the owner an' all. He was mighty pleased, damn near gave us the thing. I ain't too sure about it being full of riches or nuthin, but it sure is pretty. All them streaks of fools gold runnin' through it, lookin' shiney like.

Tombstone went and caught fire while we was out of town, rode back fast as we could but got there too late to do anything 'cept help the wounded some. Felt like a damn fool for not bein' around to put it out. An' then Caroline came an' tol' me I ain't workin' for her pa no more, she was real sore about me leavin' her at the dance. Can't blame her none. Guess I've got to find myself another job. But that's city life for yuh, it don't ever stop.

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'Wings' by Gustavo Santaolalla

Jaden Freeman and Jack Twist

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Excellent seduction of a greenhorn by outlaws
Mar 12, 2012 03:36 pm
Great explanation of favoritism in the news
Feb 03, 2012 08:46 am
Beautifully written, delightful likeable character!
Jan 15, 2012 06:59 pm

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