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Ching Shih

Leader of the infamous Red Flag Fleet. We rule the whole Chinese coast down to the South to Malaysia. When my husband Cheng died in 1707, I took charge of the fleet of 600 and now have a confederation with over 1500 ships and 80,000 pirates. I made those that had killed my beloved pay. Yes, they paid dearly.

With such a large fleet I needed someone that I could trust, so I placed Li Sheng, formerly my husbandís right-hand man, in command over a portion of the fleet. But, the ultimate ruler is me.

I have heard much about those in the Caribbean, about their articles. But know this...DO NOT DARE CROSS ME. I do not give a second chance to anyone. If you break my rules, you will lose your head.

Those upon the coast know that I will deal with them just as ruthless a manner if not more so. When they see my flag

on the horizon and all quake with fear....for they know that hundreds of ships, each with twenty to twenty-five cannons, and upwards of two-thousand pirates are headed their way.

Yes, my pirate ships are shallow-hulled junks that have great wide sails, but we also have as many as twenty oars that can be used to row up rivers. Excuse me... If I seem jovial, but, you must understand that so many have thought they had me within their grasp only to find that I and my ships had slipped away up the rivers. We can go where they can't and won't. And of course, not only is my fleet engaged in acts of piracy, but, and rightfully so, many offer me a given to me as a thank you for me passing them by.

Yes, the Chinese officials have tried many tactics to bring my Red Flag Fleet to their so-called justice, but every expedition to eradicate us have thus far and will continue to fail. So, far the Chinese navy has lost 45 ships in the attacks. Twice, my Red Flag Fleet has been ambushed by citizens of beset villages, only to find their towns burnt to the ground and the men slaughtered.

Talk of the Caribbean being fearless and ruthless, HUH!!, Even the navies of Portugal and Britain can not defeat me. Me, Ching Shih a mere woman. Now, I hear that there is talk of ...that in their desperation, a general amnesty may be offered to all pirates and if and when this is offered, I will consider it. But, only under my terms. I will be sure that those of my faithful crews will recieve pardons too and of course all treasure that has found its way to me, stays with me.

Perhaps, I may soon take my fleet to the that there will be no question in the future. For I know that someday those who write history will acknowledge that I, CHING SHIH...a mere woman, was the "best pirate who ever lived."


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