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   Guenevere is the daughter of Leodegrance, King of Gwent. Her uncle, the great Caradog Freichfras, ruled Gwent after her grandfather died, while Leodegrance being the younger son filled his time with reading and philosophy, religion being one of his favorite topics. When King Caradog heard about a young Irish prince spreading word of the new religion he was intrigued. After meeting him, Caradog invited the Prince to return with him to Caerwent and there he allowed the future Saint, Tathyw, to build his first Church.

When Caradog died unexpectedly, Leodegrance, who was considering a life in the Church, was suddenly thrust into a new world. Shortly after becoming King Leodegrance married Seli, a woman from a powerful family who bore him two daughters, only a year apart and who looked almost identical, Guenevere and Gwenhwyach.

Guenevere, the eldest of the two daughters, was her father's favorite perhaps because she could not only debate the finer points of politics and religion with her father but because, like her mother, she had a gift for mischief and outdoor sports. She took up archery and excelled in it, and was proficient in the use of a sword. And it was battle tactics, and the history of her kingdom that interested her more than court gossip, fashions or the arts usually considered feminine pursuits. Leodegrance became Uther Pendragon's loyal ally after the death of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall and after Uther died and his bastard son, Madoc took power, Leodegrance promised to see Uther's exiled son, Arthur, returned to the throne. As a sign of good will and to seal his promise, Leodegrance would tie himself fully to the young man's cause by promising his daughter in marriage to Arthur, who would eventually become Riothamus of Britain.

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