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My life has turned completely upside down.

I was born to Gin Silver-Turner Vistney, and Mister Herbert Vistney. My older brother, Riley Turner, is son to my mother and Docter "Bootstrap Bill" Turner. My older sister, Alanna, is daughter to my mother and Herbert Vistney. And my younger sister, Abbey, is daughter to my mother and the good Doctor Turner--my mother's life is a complicated one, you will have to ask her about it if you are confused.

Growing up, my mother and father fought constantly. Theirs was a marriage arranged by my mother's father (Black-hearted Rob, a pirate captain)to explain away my mother's pregnancy. Unbenknownst to my Grandfather Rob, my mother had secretly wed Dr. Turner and become pregnant with his child. Before my grandfather learned of my mother's pregnancy, Mother sent away Dr. Turner, hoping he would find a better life than that of a pirate. When Riley was was born, my father was quite angry, having realized that "his" son was born far too early to truly be his son. After that, there was never a moment of peace or calm within the Vistney household. Father never truly forgave mother, or Riley for his birth. When he tried to sire his own children, neither me, nor Alanna proved to be masculine children, and thus proved our disappointment to him. Father was always hard on Alanna for having been born a girlchild. Mother did not that sort of disappointment to haunt my life. And so when I was eleven, she sent me away to a bording school in the British countryside. After I was sent off, I never did see much of my family. I became used to the life of a girl at a finishing school. I was prepared and schooled in how to be a good wife. My needlepoint is excellent, and I can sew anything you hand me. I can play the harpsichord and the piano. My manners are spectacular and my etiquite supreme...after so many years in a finishing school, their teachings are bound to pay off.

But the life of a schoolgirl is over. Now with the war with the colonies being done with, Mother sent for me to live with her in Williamsburg. She has finally found her perfect life in the colonies. She has found her true love--Dr.Turner--once more. And now she has a daughter with the man she loves. Riley; Dr.Turner's son, Will; Alanna; Abbey; and Dr. Turner's brothers, Adam and Andrew; all live in town. The whole family is there, and it is only right that I be there as well.

Something they do not mention in finishing school is that the outside world is not nearly the same as the safe perfection within the school. Williamsburg is proving to be quite fast-paced and full of trouble and drama. Every family has their own little quirks and problems, but my family seems to take every slice of the cake.

I hope you will check in and see how I am coping in Loyalist and Patriot. It truly is a fascinating story!

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