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Name: M. Night Lavigne
Age: Unknown (looks to be in early 20's)
Height: 5'11"
Hair/Eye color: Blue/gray - Wine Red
Weight: Unknown

An enigma with telepathic abilities, meaning he can move anything and everything with the power of his mind and thoughts. He is also labeled a mute since he has never spoken a word his entire life so nobody has ever heard his voice. But that hardly means that he doesn't speak at all. With the power of telepathy, he communicates through his mind.

He walks the earth for an unknown purpose. But those who stand in his way are immediately terminated by his many swords and lances that cut through the air around him blocking all attacks and threats from ever penetrating his body.

One of the Thirteen Warriors chosen by the Goddess Nia to protect the globe from the impending darkness that sleeps within the core of the world. He holds the thirteenth key that shackles the beast under the surface.

He has roamed Nia for many centuries and to this day has been searching for an unknown purpose and mastering his skills in the art of majick by studying day and night learning of those unseen forces that hold this world together. Learned the secret ways of other worlds that exist beneath the surface and behind the mirrors...

There are three classes of majick, three stages of progression to full wizard status:
The first and lowest stage is wizard by incantation "Abracadabra Dev and Chot"

The second stage wizards are hand wizards, who's majick is performed by gestures of the hands and fingers

The third and highest stage of wizardry the supreme exponents are wizards of pure thought, who need no words nor gestures but by their will alone. But only the supremely gifted personages become wizards of the third stage.

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Short Cuts
Kingdom Hearts - Hearts Destiny
Zone : Fantasy
The World of Nia

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Vincent Valentine
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Nefertiti le Pharos

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