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My name is Bat Masterson, late of Dodge City in Ford County, Kansas. I'm glad to see my brother Brett here, and it's really good to reunite with my old friend Wyatt Earp, one of the few men in my life I would unhesitatingly trust to guard my back.

I see Virgil is here too, and Doc. Nothing like family and good friends. Makes me smile.

This town reminds me of Dodge City a little bit, wild and raw and tough. They say it's "the town too tough to die". Maybe. Not so for men, though, not so at all. I have seen many men die. Tough men, weak men. Brave men, cowards. Life is fragile and it only takes a moment's passion, an instant's bad judgment, to snuff it out. I've had to kill, yes, but only in the execution of my duties as a lawman or in self-defense. I hope that's all behind me, but I doubt it. Like Dodge, there are some pretty unsavory characters hereabouts.

I will be watching.

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