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In Babylon 6

Melanippe is an Ihippi from Katoomba on the planet of Nalichenua. The Ihippi are one of three sentient races, the others being the Hroseri and the Ealoni. The Ihippi love to build things, and she is a food processing engineer who makes equipment for the food industry. She was born in Katoomba. The seal-like Hroseri are the farmers and poets, and the tall, humanoid Ealoni are the scientists and designers.

She has a filly, Arne.

She has many Narn friends, who are descended from Narn prisoners left by the Centauri, who used Nalichenua as a prison planet: T�Dayr and Li�Sol. T�Dayr�s family originally came from the Narn capital of G�Kamazad and Li�Sol�s family came from Hekba City, which is built around Hekba Canyon. She likes Narn food.

She has mixed feelings about the Centauri, for they used Nalichenua twice as a holding place for Narn prisoners, and they shot Ihippi and Hroseri (another race on Nalichenua) on sight, treating them like animals. Ihippi and Hroseri hid in caves and tunnels. The Ealoni, the third race, were forced to work in the Centauri prisons. Emperor Turhan freed Nalichenua after the first Centauri invasion of Nalichenua. The Centauri conquered Nalichenua again in 2259, but Vir Cotto freed Nalichenua in 2279, which was 52 years ago if the year is 2331.

In Star Wars

My name is Melanippe, and I am from Chiron, a little-known planet on the Outer Rim. I have come to the University of Coruscant to learn about the outside galaxy, and I plan to go back to Chiron to give a report to my fellow Chironians. I am studying for a degree in Interstellar Cultures. Although I knew Coruscant was going to be an alien place, I didn�t realize how alien it would be for me. However, I meet another Chironian, Hylonomeia, and will work with her at the Galaxy Cantina and Grill. I also regularly visit the two Manarai Mountains, spend time at Monument Plaza on the tallest peak, and I enjoy the (unfortunately artificial) Great Western Sea, even though parts are a tourist trap. After all, it is the only visible body of water left on Coruscant.

(Made up for Star Wars) - Chiron is a grassy planet in a system with:

  • 3 moons: Hippe, Endeis, and Okyrhoe.
  • Sun: Kronos
  • The closest planet to Chiron is Khariklo
  • There are also several gas giants (in order of closest to the sun): Philyra, Okeanos and Tethys
  • There are also icy planetoids that have some properties of both comets and asteroids. They have orbits that cross the gas giants, so they are unstable over 10 to the 6 to 10 to the 7 years (astronomical objects actually called "centaurs.")
  • A spectacular nebula in the night sky is Nephele.
  • Capital city: Magnesia
  • I was born on Mount Pelion, north of Magnesia.
  • When that got too crowded, we moved to Mount Helikon in the southern hemisphere.

In Narnia:

Greetings. My name is Melanippe, "black mare," or Melanippe

In Narnia, I am a centaur born in Telmar and love oaten cakes, apples, herbs, wine and cheese, and I am an excellent archer.

My parents are Khariklo and Kheiron (son of Philyra and Kronos). Philyra is the daughter of Okeanos and Tethys.

My sisters are Euippe, Okyrrhoe, and Endeis.

We grew up in a nice cave in Mount Pelion, in Magnesia (Thessaly), around our parents and our father's mother, Philyra.

Then I was married, unfortunately, to Aiolos, ruler of Aeolia (some say it should one day be called Thessaly). Anyway, Aiolos is the son of Hellen and therefore the grandson of Pyrrha and Deucalion, king of Phthia in Aeolia. (Pyrrha and Deucalion had their children after the Deluge). Aiolos' mother is Orseis, a nymph. Aiolos' aunt, Hellen's sister, is Protogenia, who bore Endymion. Aiolos' brother is Dorus, who swears he will name his people Dorians. Aiolos of course counters by naming his people Aeolians. So then Hellen starts calling people Hellenes. Hmph.

However, we had a lovely little foal, Arne, whom I bore on Mount Pelion.

Then Aiolos dumped me for Enarete, daughter of De�macus. She has born him five kingly sons, including Sisyphus, who would make a great future king of Ephyra (Corinth). After that, Aiolos died.

While I focus on raising our daughter, one young male centaur, Astylos, is easy on the eyes....

[Astylos, peaceful seer centaur in Ovid].

Centaurs are known for their interest in the heavens. I love studying the stars, including the Spear-Head, the brightest in the northern sky and Narnia's guiding star. I enjoy Aravir, the morning star, and the summer constellations of the Ship, the Hammer, and the Leopard. I also watch the wandering planets: Alambil, "The Lady of Peace," and Tarva, "The lord of victory." And I enjoy watching the phases of our large Narnian moon.

Melanippe in Greek Mythology

There are several Melanippes. She was an amazon, the daughter of a centaur, the granddaughter of a centaur, and a human.

Melanippe the Amazon

One Melanippe is the Amazon sister of Hippolyta, or Antiope. Or she is the same person as Antiope, who was Hippoltyta�s sister. She is also called Glauce. Anyway, Apollonius said Heracles captured her and would only release her if she brought him Hippolyta�s girdle, which she did. Or she successfully carried out a mutiny on one of Hercules� ships and freed herself and some other Amazons. They took over the ship and killed the Greek sailors. Unfortunately, they couldn�t sail the ship very well, being better riders than sailors. In a fragment from Hesiod, Telamon killed Melanippe in the fighting for Hippolyta�s girdle.

Melanippe the Centaur

A Melanippe was also the lover of Aeolus. She was the daughter of Cheiron (Χείρων) the centaur and Chariclo. Some say Cheiron lived on Mount Pelion, in Magnesia (Thessaly) with his wife Chariclo and his mother Philyra. Melanippe was also called Euippe. She grew up as a hunter on Mount Helicon. In this story, she and Aeolus got together, and when she knew she was pregnant, she fled to Mount Pelion. Cheiron searched for her, and rather than let her father know, she asked Artemis to turn her into a mare. (I�d rather have just told my father). Artemis also placed her in the stars as a horse. In another story, she is turned into a mare as punishment for despising Artemis, or not worshiping her, or since she was a prophetess, she was punished for telling others about the councils of the gods.

Αἴολος or Aiolos (Latin Aeolus) was her lover, but Aeolus could refer to three different people that were so similar even people in ancient times got confused. Diodorus was among those who tried to figure out who was who. He said that one Aeolus was the son of Hellen and the founder of the Aeolians, and this was the Aeolus who loved Melanippe. (Another was Poseidon�s son and led a colony to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and a third was the son of Hippotes and was mentioned in the Odyssey as Keeper of the Winds. The three are connected in the geneaologies, and the second and third are the most entangled).

As the son of Hellen and the nymph Orseis, Aeolus was the grandson of Deucalion and was the brother of Dorus (father of the Dorians), Xuthus, and perhaps Amphictyon. (Deucalion was the king of Phthia, in Thessaly, whose wife was Pyrrha. After the Deluge, Pyrrha and Deucalion had Hellen, Amphictyon, Protogeneia, Pandora, and Thyia. Amphictyon became the king of Athens by deposing his father-in-law Cranus. Protogeneia became the mother of Aethlius or perhaps Endymion by Zeus or Aeolus. Pandora and Zeus had Graecus, from whom the Greeks come from. Thyia was the mother of Magnes and Macedon).

Aeolus ruled Aeolia, later called Thessaly. He married Enarete, daughter of a certain Deimachus, and they had several children, whose names varied, but they included Cretheus (king of Iolcus), Sisyphus (king of Ephyra/ Corinth), Deioneus, Salmoneus (king of king of Salmonia in Elis), Athamas king of Orchomenus in Boeotia), Perieres (king of Messenia), Cercaphas, and possibly Magnes (who is usually Macedon�s brother). Their daughters included Calyce (another candidate for Endymion�s mother) who married Aethlius. Other daughters included Peisidice, Perimele, and Alcyone. Mimas may have been another son. Aeolus also had an illegitimate daughter, Arne, with Melanippe. Arne and Poseidon had the second Aeolus, who was also called the god of the winds.

Melanippe the Granddaughter of a Centaur

Euripides wrote two plays, now lost, that had Melanippe as the daughter of Aeolus, king of Thessaly, and of Hippo, Cheiron�s daughter. Desmontes could also be her father. Melanippe grew up to be so beautiful that Poseidon liked her. She became the mother of twins. Aeolus got angry, blinded her, put her in a dungeon, and took his two grandsons into the woods and left them to die. But a cowherd found the grandsons as they were being suckled by a cow. The cowherd brought them to Queen Theano, wife of Metapontus, king of Metapontium. Theano didn�t have children of her own, so she brought up the two pretending they were hers. She called them Aeolus (2) and Boeotus. Then she gave birth to two sons of her own. Metapontus favored Aeolus and Boeotus, thinking they were his own sons. Theano had her two sons attack Aeolus and Boeotus on a hunting trip, but Poseidon was watching and took action. In the fight, Theano�s sons were killed. Poseidon told Aeolus and Boeotus that he was their real father and that their mother was imprisoned in a dungeon. Aeolus and Boeotus went back to Thessaly, killed King Aeolus, freed their mother, and brought her back to Metapontus. Poseidon restored Melanippe�s sight. Theano died. Metapontus married Melanippe, and adopted Aeolus and Boeotus (who became the Aeolians and Boeotians). Others may say that Arne was the one blamed for getting pregnant, handed over to Metapontus, who married her.

Melanippe the Human

Or Melanippe is the mother of Aeolus and the wife of Hippotes. Or she is the daughter of Hippotes or Desmontes.

There was another Melanippe (Melanippe number 5, if you count the wife of Hippotes and mother of Aeolus 2 as Melanippe 3 and Arne as Melanippe 4). This Melanippe was the sister of Eurymede and Meleager. Melanippe and Eurymede grieved so much when their brother died that Artemis turned them into birds.


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