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Known for their aggressive growth, the Niall are the fiercest clan in all of Eire. Their potent warriors have aided them in their quest for conquest, overcoming all opposition to seize the kingdoms of Ulster and Meath. Vicious and brutal, nothing stops their drive to expand.

In contrast with her ambitious relatives, Etain wishes only to heal people rather than slaughter them. Escaping the plans that her family made for her, she has come to Dunadd to learn the healerís art from Ita. Slowly gaining a knowledge of herbs and potions, she seeks to establish new life.

Unfortunately the grasp of the Niall is long and her family still hopes to use her in their pursuit of power. Once promised to Aedh mac Fogartach, king of Connacht, she seeks a quiet refuge after his death but the new king Uata hopes to maintain the links with the powerful Ui Niall. Marriage to Etain would secure that bond. Can she maintain the masquerade and find sanctuary with the Mac an Rothaich?

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