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In the Star Wars: The Saga Novel:

I am a Jedi Master at Luke Skywalker's Academy on Yavin 4.

Two years ago, I took Adrian Celestine as my Padawan-learner. Adrian was brought to the Academy when he was 7 years old, one of the youngest admitted. Quite in contrast to the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant, force-adepts may enter Master Skywalker's Academy at any age. Adrian's acceptance at the Academy was marred, however, by the circumstances under which he was discovered to be force-sensitive.

One such naysayer is my close friend and brother Jedi, Master Adao Lakrie.

Adrian and I have just returned to the Academy from his first mission where he experienced battle, death and redemption. The leaders of the Academy have charged Master Lakrie to assist in Adrian's further training in light-saber techniques, much to the consternation of them both. My skills, I must admit, lie more in research and investigation...and I am a fair slicer, if I may say so myself.

Master Skywalker, himself, has also undertaken to train Adrian in the Jedi art of memory enhancement, as a means to force him to deal with the trauma of his youth. It is feared that he will be unable to continue along the path towards becoming a Jedi Knight if he does not face his demons. What moved me to take Adrian on as my Padawan in the first place was the tragedy in both our lives. And, so, I, too, have taken up the burden of examining my past, as well. It appears I have a few demons of my own.

I have long suppressed the memories of the day when I, a 10-year-old student at the Jedi Temple, escaped the massacre due to a dull and routine errand. And those of the year-and-a-half I eked out an existence in the lower regions of Coruscant, together with other survivors, while one-by-one we were picked off by clone troopers, the denizens of the underworld, or Sith-wannabees hoping to curry favor with the Emperor. I had given in to dispair and lost all hope of surviving, when a brave and intrepid young woman, herself grieving the injustices done, brought me out of darkness and back into the light. Why do I have the feeling I know her, somehow?

how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen

In the Babylon 6: A New Era Novel:

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