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10370 Hylonome as taken by Hubble in 2009.

I went trick or treating in October 2017 and got the following treats!







I participated in the Pumpkin Spice Contest of September 2017

I took third place in the Name That Star Competition in the Panhistoria Parade 2017!


Welcome to my home pasture. My name is Hylonomeia. I am the granddaughter of the centaurs Hylonome and Kyllaros, who are praised in Ovid:

"[In the battle of the Kentauroi and Lapithes:] Nor did his beauty ransom [centaur] Cyllarus, fighting that day, if hybrids such as he be granted beauty. His beard was just beginning, a golden beard, and golden tresses fell down on his shoulders reaching to his flanks. High-mettled grace shone in his face; his neck, chest, shoulders, hands and every manly part seemed like a sculptor’s much-praised masterpiece. Unblemished too his equine shape, nor less fine than his man’s. With horse’s head and neck he’d made a fit mount for Castor, so high stood his chest-muscles, so rideable his back. Jet black he was, the whole of him, save that his tail was white and legs were milk-white too.

Many a centauress would be his mate, but one had gained his heart, [she-centaur] Hylonome. In the high woods there was none comelier of all the centaur-girls, and she alone by love and love’s sweet words and winning ways held Cyllarus, yes, and the care she took to look her best (so far as that may be with limbs like that). She combed her glossy hair, and twined her curls in turn with rosemary or violets or roses, and sometimes she wore a pure white lily. Twice a day she bathed her face in the clear brook that fell from Pagasae’s high forest, twice she plunged her body in its flow, nor would she wear on her left side and shoulder any skin but what became her from best-chosen beasts.

Their love was equal; on the hills they roamed together, and together they would go back to their cave; and this time too they went into the Lapithae’s palace side by side and side by side were fighting in the fray. A javelin (no knowing from whose hand) came from the left and wounded Cyllarus, landing below the place where the chest joins neck – slight wound, but when the point was pulled away, cold grew his damaged heart and cold his limbs. Hylonome embraced him as he died, caressed the wound and, putting lips to lips, she tried to stay his spirit as it fled. And when she saw him lifeless, she moaned words that in that uproar failed to reach my ears; and fell upon the spear that pierced her love, and, dying, held her husband in her arms."

- Ovid, Metamorphoses 12.210

Star Wars: The Saga

Hylonomeia is a centaurform from Chiron. She has four legs, a horselike body, and a humanoid torso. Most Chironians live on Chiron but Hylonomeia's family left Chiron in search of greener pastures. Her family lived on Alderaan for several years and Hylonomeia was born on Alderaan. Hylonomeia was two when her family left Alderaan and settled on Chandrila.

But now it was time for Hylonomeia to leave her colt-hood behind. She was becoming a mare. Hylonomeia was a very bright student and she applied to the prestigious University of Coruscant. To her surprise, she was accepted at the University.

So Hylonomeia moved to Coruscant during what would turn out to be the final days of the Republic. At first she was eager to see the jewelled center of the galaxy but she quickly found the world-city atmosphere stifling. To help make ends meet until she can finish her degree and go home, she started looking for a job. At the same time the Galaxy Cantina and Grill, one of Coruscant's newest eateries, was looking for exotic-looking aliens to work at their pan-galactic eatery. Hylonomeia applied and was accepted as a waitress at the Galaxy Cantina and Grill.

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Zone : Science Fiction
Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe
Babylon 6: A New Era
Star Wars: The Saga

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The Bun-i-licious Bun-an-za Panda for Terrible Food Choices
Feb 07, 2021 04:23 am
The Proto Panda Goes to Hylonomeia for Best Nile History
Apr 12, 2020 04:57 am
How Cute!....And Good Use of Star Wars Stuffies, you Geek
Jan 20, 2019 08:05 am
Orangey, Porgie, Pudgy Award for Cute Cheeting Cheeters Doing Figure-8s and Dodging Holographic Skiffs
Aug 21, 2018 06:03 am
The Star Traveler Award for Best Overcoming of Coruscantophobia
Jan 09, 2017 12:02 am

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