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Eioyama is a young har of the Kalamah, pure-born, raised in the city of Zaltana with his friend Spook. Eioyama has a more mystical nature than most of the sensual Kalamah and yearns for greater knowledge of the world at large as well as the workings of spirit and magic. Eioyama is thin and all with jet black hair and eyes. He is graceful like all of the Kalamah, catlike in his movements, yet his people find him exotic for his even temper, intellectual and mystical aspirations. More later!

To learn more about the Wraeththu click here for the Wraeththu Companion Web Site. Unfortunately many Wraeththu sites seems to be down at the moment. I have no idea what this is but the Companion has lots of essential information for planning your Wraeththu characters and stories.

You can also visit Storm Constantine's Official Home Page for more information.

Art by Sue Dickinson
The beautiful watercolors of cheetahs and leopards on this page are taken from the work of Sue Dickinson. You can click on the image to go to her web site and by prints of her lovely work. These images are copyrighted to the artist.

The Avatars of Darkness and Radiance

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