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Asenath and Joseph

Star Wars:

I am from Samaria, a desert Core World planet dependent on technology. We're known for nanotechnology and personal droids capable of handlings lots of information. On Samaria, I worked in the metaprogramming department of a droid manufacturing company, the Isasimov Company, in the capital city of Sath. Metaprogramming allows droids to develop personalities as time goes on. I specialize in creating the personalities of first degree droids, who can think independently, and third degree droids, which include protocol droids. On Samaria, I lived on a lovely flower-like artificial island of white sand that come up from the water.

Now I have moved to Coruscant and work in the metaprogramming department of Droid Services, a Coruscanti company in the upper levels of CoCo Town (Collective Commerce District).

Samarian Droid types (all made up and looking suspiciously like modified Library of Congress Call Numbers):

  • DS110. S3 ("Samaria")
  • HD8039s ("domestic servants")
  • HF5547s (.5 "administrative assistants")
  • PS648. S3 ("Star Wars")
  • QL696 - The S4 series is short like the Kaiteri. (S473?)
  • RURs (not a call number)
  • TJ211s ("androids")

Parents: Yosep and Asenet
Brother: Yehoshua
Husband: Kemuel
Friend: Daneel Opreka from Naboo. He works at Droid Services in CoCo Town, Coruscant, and is part of the Society for All Sentients.
Personal droid: OB-3D "Obed." She has had this droid since childhood.

Pets: Ipiankhet collects cast-off droids that have been poorly fixed.

  • Leaky - a crab-like E1-9 Network Security Droid that was corrupted during a mind-wipe. It also had a problem leaking oil when she first got it. She fixed the leak.
  • MSE-6 Repair Droid - supposed to clean up and repair. This one is scared. (Chewie will roar at one in A New Hope).

Possible names for individual droids for the following people:
Arda � A73 (could use for someone from Arda)
Areha � A74
Chiron � C4
Corellia � C675
Coruscant � C678
droid - D7
Eliad � E5
Finnghuala � F5
Hattie � H3
Hylonomeia � H9
Iphianassa � I64
Ipiankhet � I65
Josiah - J6
Kahurangi � K34
Kaiteri � K35
Kenaki � K4
Kirimatao � K57
Kitaneja � K58
Korora � K6
Lyndissi � L9
Melanippe � M45
Menellen � M46
Minos Cluster � M56
Mirial � M57
Nenuvariel � N46
Ngakirikiri � N43
Nienna � N5
Penguin � P4
Potetea � P6
Rahi � R3
Tatooine � T3
Generate your own at Cataloging Calculator


I was born in Timnath Serah but my family later moved to Shekem, which in Akkadian is Shakmu or Shakmi. I was born in the land of Kinakhna (or Kinahi/Kinahni), and I am of the tribe of Ephrayim. We are a pastoral people who have recently come up from Kemet. When I was young, my father fell into debt and sold the whole family to an Egyptian who lived near Shekem and then moved to Iunu in Misrayim (Egypt).

My parents are Yosep djatenaf (called) Ipiankh and Mahlah djatenaf (called) Asenet. My older brother is Yehoshua djatenaf Yuya, and my sisters are Noa and Milcah. I was born Tirzah, but my Egyptian name is Ipiankhet.

I have since married Kemuel djatenaf (called )Nebsedjem, who is half Egyptian and whose mother was captured by Egyptians. He has risen far in Egyptian society and works for Seny, son of Aper-El. Seny's father was vizier of Lower Egypt under Amenhotep III and IV. Aper-El was a child of the kap or royal nursery, but he was Asiatic (non-Egyptian). Aper-El's wife was Taweret/Tauret, and she was prominent in her own right. Their sons were/are Huy, who was a prominent general, Seny, an official, and Hatiay, a priest. Aperl-El, Taweret, and Huy are buried in a tomb at Saqqara.

Kemuel's parents are Intef and Miryam djatenaf Meresankh, and they live in Iunu.

Yehoshua lived in Timnath Serah (Josh 19). Timnath Serah is in Ephrayim, as is Shekem (Josh 20-21; I Chron 7:28; I Chron 6:67).

The Egyptians call us Apiru, or Habiru, or Hapiru, which is a general, disparaging term covering many peoples. I now call myself Ipianhket because of my ancestor who left Kemet, whose Egyptian name was Ipiankh. His wife was Asenet, daughter of a priest at On (Heliopolis). Ipiankh was the younger brother of Elishama, son of Ammihud, the head of the Ephrayimite clan the second year after the Israelites came out of Egypt.

During the time of Akhenaten and Tutankhamen, Kinakhna was ruled by the judges. Which judge? The first is Othniel, the son of Kenaz, the younger brother of Caleb the son of Jephunneh. Othniel married Caleb's daughter Acsah. (Joshua 15), and he fought against the king of Aram Naharin. He may have judged between 1367-1327 (assuming five years for apostasy before the eight years of oppression before Othniel judges). Caleb lives at Hebron in Judah. Caleb's sons are Iru, Elah, and Maan. Elah's son is also Kenaz (I Chron 4).

Shekem is a city of refuge, and the bones of Yosef are buried there. Shekem is between Mount Ebal to the north and Mount Gerizim to the south. The great tree of Moreh was near here. Shekem is also a Livyah (Levite) city, for the Kohathites. When Shekem was Canaanite, it was ruled by Lab'ayu. Yehoshua had the people renew the Covenant and Shekem. The spelling "Shakmi" comes from Harper Collins Concise Atlas of the Bible. The words "Ephrayim, Mnashsheh, Shekem," etc. come from

The Ephrayimites have not been able to dislodge the Canaanites in Gezer.

Aram Naharin, or Aram-Naharaim, may be the area of Haran and the land Balaam came from. It is called Nahrima in the el-Amarna letters and was associated with the Hittites.

Or in Egyptian records, Naharin was Mitanni. The site also uses the spelling "Aram-Naharayim"

Note: I named my husband Kemuel because in Numbers 34, Kemuel the son of Shiphtan helped Eleazar and Joshua assign land. However, my husband can't be him because he's been hijacked to Egypt so I can marry him!

New Kingdom Novel:

Em hotep! I am the daughter of Yosep djatenaf Ipiankh and his wife Asenet. My mother is the daughter of the priest of Ra in the city of On, also called Iunu (Heliopolis). Iunu is the capital of the 13th nome of Lower Egypt and is a center of learning and astronomy.

I am of the Apiru, and we originally came from the land of Kan'an in the land of the Retenu. I now live in the Land of Kosem or Kes and have lived in the 8th nome of Lower Egypt in the town called Tjeku, at the entrance to the Wadi Tumilat, and also in the nearby 20th or Arabian nome.

In the time of Hatshepsut, I am the descendant of Yosep djatenaf Ipiankh and am named for him. My husband is Elishama djatenaf Nebsedjem, son of Ammihud djatenaf Ankhemremat. My son is Nun.


It is not known for sure who the Apiru were, but they were a non-Egyptian group that had some association with ancient Egypt. They may be the same as the habiru, or the hapiru. The Apiru may have been a group of many peoples. They seem to have been landless and disturbed settlements, or they were fugitives, or they were mercenaries. They worked in mobile, hit-and-run groups. Indigenous Canaanites, who were vassals of Egypt, may have dubbed the Hebrews as Habiru. On the other hand, some say there is little evidence for the habiru being the Hebrews.

They are a term of abuse in the Amarna Tablets, which were written in Akkadian cuneiform around 1400 BC. The Canaanites asked Egypt for help against the habiru. Later, Ramesses II mentions Apiru slave labor.

They were not part of the Canaanite government system. Amurru, the northern-most Egyptian vassal-state, which was the gateway to Syria, may have had help from the Apiru, however.


�The Amarna Tablets and the Habirus.� NIV Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture. (2005). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

Cohen, Raymond, and Raymond Westbrook. (Eds.). (2000). Amarna Diplomacy: The Beginnings of International Relations. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press.

Vos, Howard F. (1999). Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs: How the People of the Bible Really Lived. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc.


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Best Star Warsian artwork and the mystery about Daneel deepens...
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Best Star Warsian artwork and the mystery about Daneel deepens...
Sep 06, 2020 06:40 am
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