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In 1992, Jet Obsidian received his letter to Hogwarts. Sorted into Hufflepuff House, Jet was by all accounts a nice, studious boy with a sense of adventure and a love of rock climbing. During the exploration of some caves and tunnels, something happened to Jet and he slowly transformed into a not so nice person.

Just prior to his 6th year, on 31 August 1997, the 16 year old vanished from Diagon Alley when Ginny Weasley read aloud an inscription from the top of a smokey quartz crystal pendant she'd just bought. The inscription Kcor sti rednu kcab tnepres eht hsinab, once recited, caused Jet to transfigure into malachite green snake and then to vanish entirely in a great burst of smoke.

Jet has never been seen again.

Until now.

Jet has decided to finish his Hogwarts education, resuming where he left off as a 6th year Hufflepuff. After completing his 7th year at the end of the 2001-2002 term, Jet took a job at the Ministry of Magic and is also taking courses at St. Emrys University.

Jet's parents are Gethin and Robbie Obsidian.


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