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The Malfoy family is a very old Wizarding famly, pureblooded, very rich, and very sure of their rightness in all things.

Before Voldemort's final fall, Lucius had parted ways with the man, have his Dark Mark tattoo removed, cut his hair short, and dyed it brown. At present, Lucius continues wearing his hair short and brown.

Sadly, Narcissa was killed in the August 1999 attack on Diagon Alley. She was not part of the attack, nor was Lucius, making her one of the innocent bystanders who died that day.

Draco currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland, working for the British Ministry's Department of International Magical Cooperation. He is single but dating.

In an act of drunken idiocy Lucius somehow ended up married to the much younger than he Cecily Wright. Cecily is more Draco's age. Cecily is expecting their first child in mid-July 2002.

In addition to the work he does at the Ministry itself, Lucius is warden of the Non Community City of Hope. He titles himself its governor.

Cecily died in childbirth. Lucius is not overly upset by this turn of events. He is, however, extremely happy to show off his daughter Carina Cassiopeia, born July 30, 2002.

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