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In the Hogwarts Novel:

Aaron, the son of Payton and Francesca (Frannie) Miller, currently is the Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts. Aaron is from the United States, coming to England because of a job promotion. He stumbled into the Wizarding World completely by accident when he took something his friend Bernie said and applied American definations to it. Aaron found the Leaky Cauldron and from there Diagon Alley where he acquired his small owl, Speck. This is also when Aaron made friends with Will Bennett, an employee at Flourish & Blotts. Through Will, Aaron now includes Will's nephews Drake (a third year student at St. Emrys Univeristy) and Deacon (Deak, fourth year Ravenclaw) among his good friends.

Also quite by accident, Aaron befriended Bill Weasley. This led to eventually meeting the entire Weasley clan and a number of their friends. This friendship was also a factor in Aaron's applying for the Hogwarts' teaching position.

The other factor leading to Aaron making a career change was learning his father is from a pureblood Wizarding family. Payton kept this from his family because he is a squib and admitted to Aaron that he intercepted Aaron's invitation to a Wizarding school, sending back the reply that Aaron wasn't interested. Not only did Payton keep all this from his family but he turned his back on his parents and siblings. Indications are he even changed his name. Payton Miller then went on to build up his own business and today is an extremely wealthy man. As yet, Aaron's not told his mother or sister Natalie or her husband Rory. He has been keeping an eye out for Natalie's daughters, Cora and Audrey, to show any sign of having Wizarding talent.

Aaron was head of Hufflepuff House until Headmistress Snider appointed new ones from the new segment of staff. Aaron is married to Saffron Sacheverelle, Divinations instructor. Saffron has custody of her brother Sage (seventh year, Hufflepuff) so now the family has grown even more.

Aaron used some of his own money to buy the Scottish estate Cloud's Kiss. After gaining permission from Professor Dumbledore to use the property in conjuction with teaching Muggle Studies, Aaron got the house and grounds in order to make them fit for teaching small groups. The grounds are extensive with a boundary of high walls. These walls and outer boundaries of the propery were warded by Bill Weasley to help keep the grounds safe. House Elves Tulip and Bluebell and the married couple Dan and Jane Bingley, both squibs, oversee the property.

Aaron was arrested and sent to Azkaban Prison for sneaking his niece Cora Fields away from Hogwarts and for planning on taking other relatives from the school. All of those relatives who were classified as Nons are now at the community called Happy Haven School for Nons. Aaron was released from Azkaban only to be taken to the community called Q.

Aaron was part of a plan at Community Q to escape. Fortuitously, the Order of the Phoenix and the Resistance were able to make contact before the escape and were therefore able to give assistance, making the escape highly successful.

Aaron spent time recovering from his experiences in the US at his parents' home, still separated from wife Saffron Sacheverelle. Only after the Minister of Magic Euphemia Smythe-Jones was defeated was Aaron able to see his wife again and that is when he learned of his daughter Niccola Erin (born 16 November 2002), whose pregnancy Saffron had kept secret and then with aid from a few sources, kept the infant hidden from those at Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic's Relocation Assistance Committee, better known as Snatchers.

Aaron filled in as Muggle Studies teacher after his replacement Pansy Parkinson was arrested. When offered is full-time position back, Aaron took it.

Saffron and Aaron welcomed a son, Brandon James, on Friday, 17 June 2005.

Class Meetings:
M 11-11:45 AM 7th year NEWT
M 2:30-4 PM 5th years
T 10-10:45 AM 3rd years
T 12:45-1:30 PM 5th years
T 1:45-3:15 PM 7th year NEWT
W 1:15-2:45 PM 4th years
W 4-4:45 PM 6th year NEWT
TH 3-4:30 PM 3rd years
F 1:15-2 PM 4th years
F 3:15-4:45 PM 6th year NEWT

Office Hours:
Monday 9-10:30 AM & 1-2
Wednesday 10 AM-12 PM
Thursday 9:30-11:30 AM
by appointment

Required Texts:
Muggle Life, volumes 1-5 (3rd years, Vol 1, 4th years Vol 2, etc)

3rd years: Fitzwilliam Bates (S), Blakeney Ellis (H), Tom Howard (R), Ingrid Hyland (R), Margaret Kegg (H), Augusta Rushworth (G), William Wentworth (G), Edmund Woodhouse (H), various unnamed students

4th years: Alice Acker (G), Kurt Blackwell (R), Jeb Burleigh (H), Alys Ellis (R), Bran Hyland (R), Brom von Roon (R), Pelinore Turner (G), Chip Winters (H), Phoebus Yewbeam (G), Iago Zaid (S), various unnamed students

5th years: Devon Abbott (H), Savannah Applewhite (G), Ollie Choate (H), Duncan Dippet (H), Andrina Fricks (R), Pedro Garcia (G), Arielle Kent (G), Peter Larson (R), Mickey Moon (G), Ector Newland (R), Caleb Quigley (R), Bruno Tate (S), Hiram Young (H), various unnamed students

6th years: Amelia Acker (G), Ellie Mae Chamberlain (H), Gideon Coy (S), Hope Hyland (R), Maurice Kilman (S), Hubert MacBadger (H), Queenie McPhaul (G), Horace Quisenberry (S), Achilles Sims (G), Edgar Zhou (H), various unnamed students

7th years: Hunter Green (G), Jade Green (R), Winifred Hicks (H), Justin Hodges (H), Natalie Jones (H), Madoc McGonagall (G), Andrew Murray (R), Dinah Northington (S), Penny Puckett (R), Heather Rabnott (R), Nathan Stewart (H), Evinrude Walthorp (S), Vinny Xardel (S), various unnamed students

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