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Age: 23
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: 8/11

A failed experiment of The Jenova Project, Cloud Strife led AVALANCHE to defeat Sephiroth at the end of FFVII. In the two years following, he established the Strife Delivery Service to ferry goods across the lands using his bike, Fenrir. Cloud was also infected with Geostigma that covered his left arm in sores, which he hid under a long, black sleeve. The loss of Aerith during their travels weighed heavily on his mind, and the combination of all these drove Cloud to leave Seventh Heaven and stay in her church.

With the emergence of Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, Cloud was forced to fight again when they kidnapped children from Edge. With the encouragement of his friends, and the otherworldly reassurances of Aerith, he was able to battle his inner demons to emerge victorious in a final battle with Sephiroth. His Geostigma was healed by Aerith's rain, and Cloud closed his story in Advent Children with a soft glimpse of a peaceful smile.

Kingdom Hearts
A "SOLDIER" who effortlessly wields a hefty sword. He once fought against Sora and his friends under contract with Hades. Cloud hates letting other people see what he's thinking, so he can be an enigma to other people.

He searches for Sephiroth, hoping to settle things once and for all with his darkness.*

*Jiminy's Journal

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