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The Drippin' Shade loiters in pubs and taverns - it lingers in the shadows, and never buys anyone a drink. The Shade fill up little spaces, and purloins your beer. Now, The Drippin' Shade curls up all comfy and wonders if it can escape detection. Sometimes you hear a whispery little voice in your ear and you want to run into the desert and not come back. You have just encountered the Shade. Its drinking yer beer

You wanna come in? Knock 3 times If you must

No, No, don't feed Fluffy
now you've lost a finger - I did warn you

Visitors are not made welcome to Drippy's ancestral home

Who asked you to come in?
Bog Off!

The butler will show you out - what's left of him

Changelings Quarterly MoB Award September 10, 2004
The Changelings Quarterly MoB Award for the 3rd Quarter goes to The Drippin Shade for his consistently fanciful, outrageously funny and wickedly strange posts that define all that Changelings has come to be. Spooky, shady, freaky, insane, crazy, mad, dangerous, straight-jacket candidate, ever dripping, illusive, cockney, mysterious these are just some of the words we've used to describe you. We are all very grateful for your participation and dedication to the never-ending horror! From all of us at Changelings, thank you for your contributions.

My Web Home can be found at here

Home of The Shade

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Short Cuts
Zone : Fantasy

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Writer's Block
The Tenth Muse

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The Smithy
Lion's Den

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The Angel Of Death
Brer Rabbit
Justin Tyme
Jolene Jackson
Tom Collins
Peripheral Vision
Francesca de Santos de Angelos
Lara Connor
Aloysius J Frond
Monster Hunter Alchemist
Anna Roswell
The Helper Elf

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