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In the beginning...I came home...

"You've no need to worry, Turner...I do not associate with women who may be carrying the pox." The doctor hadn't time to see the fist coming at him before his world faded to darkness. Riley picked up his bag and continued home, his knuckles stinging.

Then I quit the Navy...

"You, Mr.Riley Turner, have been discharged from His Majesty's Royal Navy." Greypoole held up a small leather bag, heavy with coin. "This is the remainder of your pay. If you've anything left in the barracks I suggest you collect it immediately and leave these premises immediately."

Our ship was boarded...

The ship was close by now, slowly maneuvering herself along side the Veronica Lee. Riley's eyes caught on row upon row of black muzzles as they passed.
"Think she's enough guns?"

Imprisonment was inevitable...

Riley lifted his face from his hands. "I'm sorry, did you say it could be worse?? It can't be much worse, Andrew!! This is pretty bad, if you hadn't had a good look around, we're in a jail cell in NOVA SCOTIA!!!!! And better yet, we're probably going to die! The only thing we've yet to endure is torture!" He reached for something to kick or throw at his uncle, but the floors felt blank and cold.

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