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My Harbour - Port Maria Bay - 1720

Anne Bonny, was one of two famous female pirates of the Caribbean. She sailed on the crew of Calico Jack Rackham and though Anne was Calico's lover, she was still fearless of any other pirate.

She was born in County Cork, the daughter of an attorney and his maid. Her father left Ireland in disgrace but found fortune in the Carolinas, where he amassed a fortune and bought a large plantation.

A ne'er-do-well sailor named James Bonny married Anne in an attempt to steal the plantation but Anne's father disowned her instead. James Bonny then took Anne to the Bahamas where he became a lapdog to Woodes Rogers, turning in any sailor he didn't like as a pirate, for a handsome reward. Anne quickly grew to dislike her spineless husband and soon caught the eye of one 'Calico' Jack Rackham, a pirate of some renown.

The admiration between Anne and Jack was mutual. 'Calico' Jack was a handsome man who knew equally how to steal and spend money.

Anne was a well endowed lass with a fiery spirit and temper which matched that of any man.

Jack offered to buy Anne from James Bonny, but Bonny instead took up the matter with Governor Rogers, who said Anne was to be flogged and returned to her true husband. That night, 'Calico' Jack and Anne slipped into the harbor, stole a sloop and began a life of piracy together.

Anne fought in men's clothing, was an expert with both pistol & cutlass and was considered as dangerous as any male pirate. She was fearless in battle and was often a member of the boarding party.

In October 1720, retribution was close at hand. The Governor of Jamaica, hearing of 'Calico's' presence sent an armed sloop to intervene and capture the Captain and crew. 'Calico's' ship Revenge, was caught by surprise and much to Anne's dismay, the pirates fought like cowards and were taken, in her eyes, far too easily.

Anne's words to Jack on the day he was to hang were, "I'm sorry to see ye here, but if ye'd fought like a man ye needn't hang like a dog.

Anne pleaded pregnancy, delaying her trial until after the birth. Anne also received several stays of execution, before mysteriously vanishing from official records.

It is believed her father, who had contacts on the island, forgave his daughter of her acts and ransomed her back to the Carolinas, where she assumed a new name and a new life.

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