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In the Changelings Novel:

A being of convoluted ancestry, she has walked the high road and the low; the sun road and the road between the shadows. A nomad, she turns up when and where she chooses and lives by her own lights.

Thorne is a half Sidhe. Something which she recently discovered  hspace= and it has led her a world where no one has ever heard of Lame Deer, Montana.... except of course for the being who is her father, Duke Theofane Windtryg of the Seelie Court, Lord of Dawn and Dusk.

Thorne has allied with Sionnach, the Fox, her half brother and the eldest of the Duke's get. He is also the right hand of the Queen of Air and Darkness, and only lately become aware he is also her son.

Thorne also travels with Ewan, dubbed Strongbow. An English Longbowman in Otherworld. It does not matter that at home in Blackpool he was an unemployed house painter. With a cleverness that belies his years, and a skill that terrifies foes, he has been an indispensable companion in the quest to save the worlds from a fall into chaos.

 hspace= In one world Ewan is an unemployed youth of romantic bent from the north of England. As a child he dreamed of Robin Hood and the English Longbowmen, for generations the terrors of Europe. In the Otherworld, Ewan lives the dream. Dubbed Strongbow by his companion, he has proved himself a formidable archer and a worthy ally. All he needs now is a virgin that need some rescuing.


Since the fox lives "between" -- on the edge of land, visible at dusk and dawn, he can guide the way to the Faerie Realm. Fox can teach control of one's aura, invisibility; the art of blending in with your surroundings, becoming part of the background. Fox is also a shape shifter. Fox is associated with qualities of cunning and trickery and is perceived as kenning. Kenning means having knowledge beyond; of possessing clear vision.

He instills Cleverness, Observational skills, Cunning, Stealth, Camouflage, courage, Invisibility, Ability to observe unseen, Persistence, Gentleness and Swiftness.

Fox is clever, nimble of mind, restless of spirit and sharp of tongue, efficient, quick in action and defensive by nature, skilled, talented, competitive and in need patience. Foxes are risk takers, and are genetically hardwired for danger, excitement and adventure. They are often rash, and sometimes don't consider the implications and consequences of actions. They hate being predictable and might throw a "wrench into the works" just to see what will happen. Foxes tend to be mischievous, charming, witty and funny. Foxes, however, resent rules, decry expectations, and are wary of close associations.

The only real problems for Fox are boredom and disinterest. When that happens, disaster and crisis are at best just days away. They are cursed with a wanderlust and curiosity that is difficult to control. In all things even if not the winner the fox always give others a good run for their money.


In the Babylon 6 A New Era Novel:

She had been given her post as a punishment. The commodore she had kicked the crap out of had been off duty, as had she. If she had know exactly who had been groping her she probably would have just walked away, rather than take extreme umbrage. As it was, she avoided brig time - sort of. Being assigned to a spinning tin can parked off a lifeless planet wasn't exactly Club Med, but it was more interesting than leather crafts day in the pen. And at least the commodore had to spring for his own prosthetic kneecap.

In the Under a Blood Red Moon Novel:

Working with the light she has somehow gotten herself the weirdest assignment in Reno.

She has served the forces of good for a number of years, but has only lately come to work with the mysterious being called Salazar. They are working together to halt the slide into Armageddon that is being forced before its time.

In a world where supernatural beings walk among us, her burnished gold gaze marks her as one of them. She is a creature of the Earth and of Man and as such wants to protect her progenitors.




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