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June 2020 Iron Writer
Oct 2013

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In the Highlander Novel:

I was born Mary Tarleton 9 October Anno Domini 1553.

In the summer of my fifteenth year I was kidnapped from the banks of the Mersey near my father's manor. Within weeks, I eloped with one of my kidnapper's men and began a happy life as a wrecker down in Cornwall with Christopher Trezize, the handsomest man I have ever known.

Kit and I were killed the autumn of my nineteenth year.

But I got better.

cue the music

Here we are, born to be kings,
We're the princes of the universe.
Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers.
I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings.
I have no rival, no man can be my equal
Take me to the future of your world.

The World According to Molly:

"I can count the number of friends I've had in my hyper extended life on the fingers of both hands and have room to spare. Friendship is a rare and precious commodity among our kind."

"Hey, it's not so bad. Immortality is what you make of it. We live, breath, bleed, love, and die just like normals. We just have a lot more time and a lot more second chances to play with."

"Everyone kills to survive. Normals kill for food, they set armies against one another, they'll even strangle each other for insurance money. You can let this life kill you quick, or you can have fun with it."

"Don't be ridiculous. Is he good in bed? Than boink his brains out and move on. I do not know why you constantly agonize about a few exchanges of fluids. If you are attracted to him physically, than keep it physical and don't let him use the attraction for head games."

“I don't pretend to mysticism. I don't look for deeper meaning. Things are or they are not. I'm an old fashioned soldier; I gripe and bitch and then, when necessary, I kill. I don't try to put a cosmic spin on things.”

“Home is where you make it, among those who accept you, laugh with you, and love you for you. Warts and all."

She supposed that's what it came down to in the end - weather mortal or immortal - it was all about if you were going to be missed when you were gone.

An accomplished swordswoman, Miss Tarr remains something of an enigma. Since she is considered to be very proficient in this somehow archaic sport, this reporter tried to find out a bit more about her.
Interestingly enough Miss Tarr's birth record cannot be found anywhere but she seems to be related to certain Mary Tarleton, who lived in 1500s. For centuries there have been speculations about the race of immortals battling for power among unsuspected humans and we wonder could there be anything to those stories?
For now Miss Tarr was unavailable and we hope that in the near future we will be able to contact her.

~ November 2004 The Action Inquirer ~

In the Survivor novel
I'm very flexible:

In Season 15 Molly plays Sylvia Roberts, the troupe's costumer and props mistress, the person who knows where everything is, where it should be, who everyone is, can be, or was. It doesn't do to piss her off.

In Season 14 Molly plays Miss Hathaway inside the TVScape NETWORK 23 VR experience. Things are not as they should be!

In Season 13, Molly Tarr will play Aidan Hendrix, Replacement Drummer. He tends to be unemotional, can be insensitive. Is a competent but uninspired drummer, and was hired mostly because of his name.

In season 12, Molly Tarr will be playing Nora Emerson. Faire employee, performs at the falconry demonstration. Quietly forceful and quite intuitive about people. She tends to stick to things until they are done.

In Episode 11: Molly Tarr will be playing a Cleric. A vivid scar runs from his left ear to just below his mouth, such was his life as a half-orc child. Udor Ironeye, cloaks his massive frame in the robes of a cleric of Arillethena, goddess patron of half-bloods. He is widely respected and there is talk of his elevation in his temple since his reputation grew to the point where people will salute him in the streets.

In Episode 10: Molly Tarr will be playing Rhoda Dunbar, Navigator and pilot, she's been at sea all her life on navy, pleasure, fishing, and salvage vessels. Claims to get landsick when she goes ashore. She's been with the team almost from the beginning and knows all their foibles.

In Episode 9: Molly will be playing Duke Colby a burned out gunslinger who likes his bottle.

In Episode Six: Molly Tarr will be playing Mad Scientist...well not mad precisely, just a bit off, perhaps but not really starkers or anything....Dr. Xian Jaruwan

In Season Five:Molly Tarr will be writing for Wintson Burton Caldwell III, a successful highwayman born to a prominent family who lost their fortunes during the war. Wanted in several districts, Caldwell is on board the Manchester in pursuit of the jewels he knows the Marchioness of Dorset has with her. Handsome, dark eyes, and a flirtatious smile, he is very good at what he does and getting what he wants.

In Season Four Molly Tarr will be playing: Stella Green (not her real name) In her mid 20s. She deals cards in the back room at the Blue Note. There is something dangerous in her past, but Stella is not breathing a word about it to anybody.

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Survivor! Pan Historia
Liaus Horatius
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Kiss the Cook
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The Bandit Queen's Hideout
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Sep 25, 2020 01:48 pm
Brilliant Death for Two! Welcome to the House!
Jul 30, 2020 02:12 pm
Best Wrench I've Seen in a Long Time!
Aug 05, 2019 12:41 pm
Far out Man!!!
Apr 22, 2017 04:23 pm
Nice use of detail - I particularly liked that he recognised the pitch
Mar 17, 2017 01:34 pm

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