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All right, I figure since Autumn is such a seemingly stressful time of year, what with children going back to school, as well as some of the adults, that this would be an absolute oportune time to advertise these recipes for healthy, healing teas.

Rose Green Tea (For Relieving Stress)
This tea looks, smells, and taste good. It is color in red and green with a strong floral aroma and a light sweet taste.

=>30 Rosebuds
=>2 teaspoon of Emerald Petals Green Tea
=>3 cups (850ml) of water

-Put 30 rosebuds and green tea in empty teapot.
-Pour boiling water into teapot.
-Allow tea to stand 2 - 3 minutes.
-Pour tea into cup and allow to cool slightly before drinking.

Ginseng Tea (For Restoring Energy)
Description: This refreshing tea is great at restoring energy. To increase the effect of this you can add ginseng powder or ginseng mix.

=>3 rounded teaspoons of Ginseng Oolong Tea
=>3 cups (850ml) of water
=>Ginseng powder (optional)

-Put Oolong tea and ginseng powder in empty teapot.
-Pour boiling water on to tea leaves.
-Allow tea to stand 2 - 3 minutes.
-Pour tea into cup and allow to cool slightly before drinking.

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