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Once the lover of the Mac an Rothaich war leader, Angaret found herself replaced when Fionnlagh could not be certain that the child she bore him was his or another man's. Given the possibility that Toiréasa is his, the Righ has provided for her comfort and that of her mother... at least in physical terms. They shall never go cold or hungry but Angaret sometimes yearns for something more.

Fionnlagh is a hard man to replace but Angaret has found that Bran can offer her some solace from her loneliness. While he cannot replace the Righ in her heart, the chieftain is both considerate and understanding: two things that she could never expect from Fionnlagh. Yet there are still nights when Angaret longs for the bliss she knew in the war leader’s bed. Can she hide her disappointment from Bran?

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