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from Arsinoe

A Gift from DezertDwellers House Hippo Farm

A rather small hippo that lives in your homes,in your closets ,under your beds,under your dressers.They nest with bits of fluff ,old socks and other small fluffy stuff. They come out only at night,to forage for food.The Little hippo only eats crumbs,bits of crackers chips bread, but its fav is penut butter.They even like to play in it just like mud. They only grow 6 inchs in height.

I just had 5 sows give birth and 20 teenagers ready to go.I hope everyone that recieves one as a gift treats them with love and kindness.

In PI Ramesses Estarfigamad or Figgiad is the first son of Estarfigam and the Nubian Queen. My siblings are Rowen, Sinouhe, Meggido, Kakra & Atsu

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Waset Pi Ramesses, or the Scepter is a military training grounds from it's goal is to make you a skilled warrior rather then arrow fodder

Character Profile

Full Name -- Estarfigamad of Memphis
Nickname -- Figgiad
Age -- 29
Race -- Egyptian
Sex -- Male
Birth Place -- Nubia
Hair Color -- black
Hair Style -- braids
Shape and Features of Face --strong, a bit round
Eye Color -- brown
Skin Tone -- bronze to dark brown
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- a few battle wounds
Build or Body Type -- muscular
Height -- 6"
Weight -- 197

Family and Childhood

Mother -- A Nubian Queen
Father -- Estarfigam
Parents' Occupations -- Father, Smith/General. Mother, Queen. Surviving Stepmother, Nomarch
Job- Veteran, dectective, preist
Family Finances -- modest
Pets -- Jupjup a monkey

Home Life During Childhood -- belived I was Ramesses the II's brother only to learn I was someone else
Schooling -- educated to be a soldier and priest
Popular or Loner -- loner
Important Experiences or Events -- coming to Egypt, Battle of Kadesh
Health Problems -- None
Culture -- Nubian/Egyptian
Religion -- Egyptian (special favor for Amun)

Your Character's Character

Bad Habits -- proud, hates whites
Strong Points -- strong like dad
Temperament -- short fuse
Attitude -- kind
Fears -- Hittites
Motivation -- honor father
Goals and Hopes -- a good life
Day or Night Person -- day
Introvert or Extrovert -- introvert
Optimist or Pessimist -- Pessimist

Likes and Styles

Music --yes all sorts
Books -- yes all sorts esp magic
Foods -- yes, especially fine
Drinks -- favors wine and beer
Animals -- yes, Jupjup my monkey
Sports -- yes, any
Color -- red
Clothing -- fine
Jewelry -- nice

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now

Home -- a modest room near the royal archery range.
Household furnishings -- growing to something nicer
Favorite Possession -- his children, all of them
Neighborhood -- Behind the Palace,
Town or City Name -- Pi Ramesses
Married Before -- no
Children -- none
Relationship with Family -- oldest brother
Best Friend -- Karmetra, and the king

Your Character's Life…Before Your Story

Past Careers -- Prince of Nubia, lt. in the army(before dad's death)
Past Lovers -- n/a
Biggest Mistakes -- joining the Egyptian army
Biggest Achievements -- help solve an attempted murder

estarfigam got their Neopet at

A gift from Omorose Waset, Nomarch of the Eighth Nome and beloved wife and mother of my twins!

From Skyclad Nail

XOX, Candy

I got coal? If I must... But what is this?

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Apr 12, 2014 06:54 pm
What a great way to explain our King Thank u
Dec 09, 2009 03:30 pm

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