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The Midnight People

Agnes by Karamy.Thanks!*S*

Agnes Nay is a small, mousey librarian who used to work for the New York Metropolitan Library, but is now on loan to the New York Metropolitan Museum. She had two room mates- Mandy and Sheryl- with whom she shared an antiquated loft space; their senseless, brutal murder at the hands of (seemingly) the infamous Pi Killer at Christmastime left her shattered and lost.
Two brothers are present in Agnes'life: Lorien, kind but a little eccentric; and Adarin, shy but charming in nature.When her room mates were slain, they took her in, and now share their loft with her. Both also worked at the Met Library,and are also on loan, now, to the Met Museum. The trio seem to go everywhere together, and little does she know just how much the brothers keep her safe. Bobby Schwartz is the one of Agnes's closest friends, a sweet,quiet man of profound intelligence and geekatude. He holds a silent secret where Agnes is concerned, and he would do almost anything for her.She, in turn, feels like he is the brother she never had. Agnes recently has been cursed with vivid dreaming of the future of a twilit,war-torn Earth, where men and Sidhe fight untold Evil and the dark, Unseelie Court for the humans' very existence.Each new dream seems to be more real, more terrifying in scope.


Dark Agnes is the Elven General of a (mostly) human army fighting for the Light. Caught up in a global war that will determine the right for humans to even exist, Agnes' shadowy past is all but hidden in the new persona she has created for herself. The last member of the ancient, Royal Alcaran family, Only her two loyal Eleven bodyguard / lieutenants, Lorien and Adarin, know her secret, true names.
Meeting up with Gabriel Oak, another Sidhe, and a healer of reknown, Agnes has been guided to seek Nuada the Red King, to join forces with him to defeat the Evil that threatens the worlds.


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The Midnight People
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The Midnight People - Out of Print
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Trinity Bar & Grill

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The Midnight People - Out of Print
At World's End - Out of Print
The Midnight People
Tales of the Clockwork Empire

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Sep 02, 2013 08:25 am
Dangerous Turn of Events! Wonderful!
Aug 10, 2013 09:18 am
Great military post in a Fantasy setting
Jul 27, 2013 09:08 am
Nice meeting of characters!
Nov 27, 2012 07:38 am
Great Title for a Sinister Post
Aug 09, 2012 07:48 am

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