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Edrie Jade

Title: Emperor’s Hand

Occupation: Emperor’s Hand, Smuggler

Weapons of choice: Lightsaber, Blaster

Ship(s): Mind Guardian

Race/Specie: Human *force sensitive*

Birthdate: Unknown

Birthplace: Birthplace Unknown and But was raised on Coruscant

Hair color: long flaming red/gold

Eye color: Green

Height: 5’7"

Education: extremely educated by the Empire

Birth Family

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Sibling(s) Unknown (she is a fraternal twin to Afra Jade. Which is unknown at this time)

Close Friends: wookie co-pilot named Sanji, Talon Karrde (Edrie’s Lover)

Edrie’s Jade Bio:

A strikingly beautiful woman known for her flame-red hair and piercing green eyes, Edrie Jade grew up as an orphan after her parents were killed early in her life. There is little information about her early years only that she was an orphan nor does she know she has a fraternal twin sister. For Edrie Jade, she was taken at some point by someone from Emperor Palpatine’s Personal guard and began her training in the use of the Force. She was highly gifted in the Force.

As the years went on by, Edrie was later employed by the Emperor as the Emperor’s Hand and from that position she took on a number of surveillance missions, often posing as one of the Emperor's alliances in order to escape notice. As a member of Palpatine's closest followers, she gained a good deal of experience in the use of The Force. Her latent Force-sensitivity was heightened by the Emperor, and it allowed her to contact him across vast distances via Force energy.

Somewhere during travels she met a man by the name Talon Karrde, a smuggler and Intel gather, one of the best. They became fast friends or so they say.

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Pan Historia Junction
Zone : Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Saga
Star Trek: Aventine Lost - Out of Print

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The Craft Faire
Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction
Stargazer's Menhir
From the Balcony

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Queen Afra of Naboo
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Erich Michael Braeden
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My Favorites:

Beyond The Stars - Out of Print
Star Wars: The Saga
Star Trek: Beyond Star's Reach - Out of Print
Zone : Science Fiction
The New Commonwealth - Out of Print
Star Trek: Aventine Lost - Out of Print

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