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The Midnight People Novel:

She found herself alone in the forest one day, sent from those she loved on a new mission The city of Tara was strong and powerful and her family wanted her to act as liason between the Sons of Mil and the Fae.

She'd been born in Tir na Nog to Conall, son of CuChulainn and Airmed of the Growing Green, daughter of the Daghda. CuChulainn had thought he'd killed his son but he'd been spirited away by Airmed who begged her father to save him. So it was done but Conall was to stay in the Otherworld. The love between Conall and Airmid grew with Niniane being the only daugher born. Conall insisted she be trained in the ways of the world and so at birth she was brought up as a druid. Unusual yes but it was thought to be the best thing to do. When she was deemed ready she was sent to the world.

Even though quite young she was eventually chosen to be one of two Arch Druids of Ireland. Her husband Fionn was honored with the title of King and together they ruled from Cashel. After Fionn, also half fae, decided to go beyond the seventh wave, Niniane was left to salvage the disaster brought on by Paedric, called St. Patrick by some. Eventually Niniane conceeded defeat and she returned to whence she came

In The Io Effect Novel:

I stood atop the center of Eire at Uisneath wondering how things had changed. It was Samhain and the fires had died as they did every year at this time. The old year was dead and the new one would not awaken until the coming at spring at Beltane.

The wind whipped through the dying embers as the last of the old ones left the hill. And old we all were. Our religion and our time was dying away as a new word spread across the land. We could neither stop what was coming as we could stop the incoming tide.

So much was lost to Eire as to my life as well. Gone were the people I love either moved on to better things or sailing off to the west. It had been my wish as well to sail beyond the seventh tide when Fionn was taken. Beorn and I had made plans to do just that but it was not to be and now the brother of my heart was gone as well.

Instead I alone stand to watch what we built crumble into the dust of time. I can stand it no longer.

I made my way back to a cave I’d once lived in with my anam céile. So many memories mostly good but so much loneliness as well. If not for the love of the land I’d have left long ago.

I gather my things together to take with me. I have no plans to ever return to this place again so I take what’s most precious. I pluck a note on the string of the harp given to me by my grandfather and wrqp it well to protect it. Of course I take the oils, herbs, stones, dagger, flint, peat, an oaken wand, cauldron and jewelry of the druids as well as of my rank.

Even though my trip is short I also take come oatmeal cakes, honey, salt, marinated pork and some water.

I dress myself carefully in my forest green léine, warm braccae for my legs, soft leather boots, and the beautiful blue cloak Fionn gave to me back when I’d first met him and I was only the druidess of water. It was the blue of the sea and draped along my body as if it flowed up from a sacred spring. As usual I carried the two war knives Beorn gave to me. Though not normal a druid’s weapon they’d served me well over time. Last of all I pick up my bow and arrows given to me by my father.

I made my way to Brú na Bóinne until I stood outside Uaimh na Gréine, the cave of the sun. Here was the gateway to the Otherworld and it was here I planned to cross over. At the entrance I turned to look back as the full moon began to set. Sunrise was not far off and there was little time to waste.

I walked slowly in the cool darkness of the passage tomb which was strangely illuminated with a soft green light. Just enough for me to see my way but not enough to blind me and I easily made my way to the back of the tomb. Upon my arrival the light died out and I was left in darkness.

And it was in darkness I said goodbye to Eire, the land and its people. Tears streaked down my cheeks as I though of what I was leaving but also of what I was going to. I was going home.

I closed my eyes for a moment before opening them to see the light of the sun streaking down through the passage to where I stood. That was odd as the rays only reached deep into the chamber twice a year and this was not either of those days.

I looked on in amazement but did not question it as I saw the gateway to the otherworld open and so I took a deep breath and stepped through.

My eyes were dazzled by the bright light and it took me a moment after stepping through to get my bearings. But I could not. I was not in the Land of Youth. I was not in any place I’d ever been or ever hoped to be. I had no idea where I was and I stood there fighting the dread growing within me.

O’ Moraine

Moran is the English version of two distinct Gaelic surnames; Ó Móráin, from the Gaelic “mór” meaning ‘big’, and Ó Mughráin, whose meaning remains unclear. The Ó Móráin was a sept from Ballina in north Co. Mayo. The Ó Mughráin were part of the Uí Máine tribal grouping, and were based around Criffon in Co. Galway and Balintubber in north Co. Roscommon. The name ranks today as fifty sixth most common in Ireland, and remains strongest in its original homeland of the western province of Connacht.

You come from the Ocean. You've always been drawn
to the sea, the sound of the waves, the crystal
blue water, near the sea is where you belong.

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