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In The Frenzied Crown novel:

Thomas is known as one of Henry I's foremost knights. From his youth, he has been an ardent warrior in the King's service in many of the border disputes that Henry has launched against his neighbours. The years have honed Thomas' skills, not only as a warrior but also as a leader of men. For this reason Geoffrey of Anjou has selected de Beauville to head a small group of knights that he has sent to aid his wife in her struggle against the usurper. Facing that daunting task, Thomas has to deal with the lady's obvious disappointment with the support her erstwhile husband is offering.

Worse is the fact that while Thomas is busy in the bleak struggle in the remote realm of England, the Count is engaged in a much more profitable campaign in Normandy... where the castle at Beauville is a pivotal stronghold in the balance of power. Thomas' nephew, Aubrey, is its lord. With but a half dozen years between them, the men were as close as brothers until the quest for power... and a woman.. came between them. Now they agree on nothing but their hatred of one another. Casting his oath to the wind, Aubrey has selected to acknowledge Stephen as king and duke - most likely because he fears his uncle's influence with Maud's husband.

Both men possess some small holdings in England... and desire to increase their influence. Seeking a suitable heiress, Thomas' eye fell on Melisende of Roussillon. Daughter of a prominent lord of Langedoc, the lady will bring an impressive dowry and her status as the foster-daughter of Stephen and Matilda will provide Thomas with a connection to the royal family itself, as well as several valuable manors in England that Stephen has promised to include in the marriage contract: Ashburnham, Netherfield, and Bexhill. Engaged in negotiations for betrothal, Thomas relied on the support of the King. Unfortunately, Aubrey found the lady just as tempting... and sought to win Melisende for himself. Henry's death left the matter undecided and the lady became a pawn in the quest for the throne. While the lady appears to prefer Thomas, that matters little in the politics of a turbulent land.

In the All For One: Tales of the Musketeers novel:

Fighting bravely in His Majesty’s campaigns against these traitors, Thomas distinguished himself at the sieges of Royan and Sainte-Foy. Pleased with the nobleman’s performance, the king commissioned him as a captain within his musketeers. Steady and devout, Thomas vowed to use all of his strength and skill to help Louis suppress those heretics who challenged his authority… threatening to prevent France from assuming a preeminent role in Europe.

Enter the beautiful and charming Ainsley… a young Englishwoman destined to marry Guillaume L’Estrelle. Her dowry will restore the fortune of that Huguenot lord, enabling him to once again raise his men against the king. Yet there is something about her that fascinates Thomas… captivating him despite all the barriers between them. Even though friends and family have warned him against her, he must win her heart.

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