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Raghallach, commander of the cenel nGabhran garrisoned in Dunadd, admires the new leader of the Mac an Rothaich but will not allow that to influence his decisions. Aeden has ordered him to work with the Mac an Rothaich for the greater good of Dalriada but he must make sure that nothing happens to undermine the Ard Righ's position. Although under the nominal authority of Danyl and Aedenís niece, there are decisions Raghallach must make for himself.

One of Raghallach's most important duties is to protect the Ard Righ's great-niece, Criosa - not only from perils from without but also from her own impetuosity. Not certain of her wisdom, he acts as he thinks best for her, often saving her from herself. Or is that saving her for himself? Raghallach desires the beauty and will do what he must to win her. Will that include betraying Aeden and Criosa's own best interests? How far will Raghallach go to possess her?

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