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am the Lady Gwendolen of Rose Hall.

y ancestral seat is located in the city of Chester, which borders on the Welsh Marches. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and I hope that it will not be ravaged by the coming storm. For that Bastard Duke in Normandy, William, lusts after a crown which is not his.
I may be foolish to believe that Chester will not torn apart by the coming war, but I know this for certes: that we would rather die than submit to his ungodly rule. England will not sit idely by and allow him free reign to to take what is not lawfully his. This I promise you.

y lands are extensive and are part of my dower portion. My eldest brother, Garreth, teases me that Papa, in his unfailing wisdom, bestowed them upon me because he knew that a hefty bribe would be needed to induce someone to marry me.

A bribe is right!!!! That is all a dowry is, a bloody bribe. Don't give me all that gibberish that a bride's dowry remains in her control as I have seen first hand how it easily it can be taken from her once her vows have been spoken. All a dowry is is an enticement for some man who would not normally notice you to not only notice you, BUT marry you as well.

have a fiery temper that has been the curse of all women in my family. But my temper conceals much. It is often a front, a mask, to hide behind when I know not what to do. It allows me to feel as if I have some control over my situation. My brothers know this and I believe that is the reason why they have let me away with so much.
However, do not let that fact delude you into thinking that my temper is not real. For that would be a fatal mistake on your part. I am as temperamental as the English believe all of the Welsh to be.

aving lost both of my parents at the tender age of six, my brothers have been most indulgent with me. I was lost, set adrift, with naught to anchor me to this world. And so, to coax me out of my downward spiral, the sought anything that would capture my attention. Garreth gave me tutors so that I could read and write in a variety of languages. I was taught history, geography and sums.

I enjoyed all, but where I excelled was in "un-feminine" pursuits. I was taught to wield my dagger proficiently and my favourite: the sling. Many an unsuspecting fiend has felt the blow to the back of his head courtesy of that small piece of leather. However, I found the greatest joy to be had on the back of a horse. And my skill is such that I have rarely been caught.
lthough I prefer those manly pursuits, I do have a few redeeming qualities as a chatelaine. None of which include embroidery or sewing. And the few attempts that I have made into the kitchens have been atrocious. I am saved from utter disgrace by my ability to heal and to manage my estates.

urrent Events

In an unfair move, Garreth and King Harold (who may be God's anointed ruler but lacking God's omnipotent powers) decreed that I should marry this Earl who has been a thorn in the King's side since before his coronation. I have hand fasted myself to Edwin, Earl of Mercia but we have not, as yet, been churched.



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