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Sage Porter, son of Lohengrin Porter and his third wife Jennifer, is currently 23. He was born March 17, 1985, fittingly for St. Patrick's Day, in Limerick, Ireland, where Lohengrin was winning rave reviews as top chef in a top rated Wizarding restaurant. Limerick was just the first of many cities Sage would call home and Jennifer the first of three he would call Mum. With both his stepmothers, Sage is also just as apt to have called them by name. The most recent one was Deanna. The newest one is Birdella.

Like his two older half-sisters were, Sasafrass and Saffron, Sage is home-schooled. He is rebelling against this though, tired of the constant moves, tired of not being able to make real, long lasting friends, and tired of ending up teaching Deanna as much as Deanna is teaching him. It took some doing but Lohengrin was talked into letting Sage attend attend the British school where Saffron is the Divination professor, Hogwarts. Lohengrin came close to changing his mind, got angry with Sassy and Saffron and ordered them to leave his home. He also ordered Sage to get out as well. Now, Lohengrin is being wishy washy, one day fine with Sage being at Hogwarts with Saffron and the next threatening to yank Sage out and put him back in homeschooling.

Saffron took custody of Sage until he reached adulthood. His mother Jennifer is back in his life but lives in Colorado, married to Abram Gilbreath. Abram's two children are Savannah, who is Sage's age, and Ezra, 18. They attended Watling's Wizarding Academy in the US.

Sorted into Hufflepuff House, Sage made the Quidditch team when a position opened up. He graduated Hogwarts in 2003. Sage is a student at St. Emrys University and was flatmates with best friend Jared Wynbourne but now shares a house in Stratford-Upon-Avon with his stepsiblings Savannah and Ezra. He dated Georgia Copperpot for a long time.

Lohengrin and Birdie used a surrogate to have a child. Their daughter Senna was born March 31, 2006.

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