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When Erin was sixteen she got a job working as a budget clerk trainee for the Department of the Navy. Twenty years later she finds herself still working for the navy although not in the same capacity.

Now she finds herself climbing under, in and over ships. They've become her home and her life since the navy is always in need of its ships. There is little for her away from the shipyard. She has a small home with a fish named Papillion who needs little care. She works the overtime no one wants and goes off station when she can. Exhaustion is not what she seeks but what comes anyway and then she sleeps but there is something in her sleep that she's can't grasp.

She is the Leanansidhe, a beautiful creature from the Isle of Man who drinks human blood. But she is also Eire, one of the triple goddess of Ireland. Within her the darkness and the light war just as the Seelie and Unseelie war with each other. Erin is fire and passion where first one side of her governs and then the other. Which side is the true Erin isn't yet known.

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