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Jayne is a mercenary who did not fight on either side in the Unification War. He met up with former Independence fighters Malcolm Reynolds and Zoë when his gang tried to rob them. Mal offered him a larger share of heists and his own bunk, and so Jayne shot one of his companions and joined up with Mal instead.

Although he often appears to be somewhat stupid, he has his own peculiar wit and he’s good in a fight. Jayne keeps a large arsenal in his bunk on Serenity. He has named his favorite and most powerful gun (a "Callahan full-bore auto lock with customized trigger double cartridge thorough gauge") Vera. He acquired it after killing the previous owner, an assassin trying to kill him. Jayne frequently carries a handgun based on a LeMat Percussion Revolver.

Jayne doesn't have many fears, but he has shown fear at anything to do with Reavers, a subpopulation of feral humans. Often represented as a strict mercenary, Jayne does have his own code of honor. He is loyal to his employer as long as he is being paid well. And when he fails to uphold that coat of honor, he atones for it, one way or a’tother.

Which Firefly character are you?

You are Jayne, the bravo of the group. You may not be too bright, but you got muscles and can hit a man in the neck from 500 yards with a bent scope. You send money to your mother and as much has you may dislike it, you're a hero.
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Source: Wikipedia

The character of Jayne Cobb and all things related to Firefly are © Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox, etc..

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