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Oh! Your car broke down? Well come on in out of the cold and you can use the phone to call AAA.

All done? *smile*

Engine trouble! A fine how-do-you-do to Greenville, Ohio huh! Well, pull a chair up to the table and have a cup of coffee with me while we wait for your tow. Oh wait! Here, I just baked this apple pie this morning. Have a piece. No really, its good! Go on! I insist!

So what are ya doing in Greenville? I bet I know. You're antiquing aren't you! There are lots of umteenth generation farms here so you'll find some cool stuff! Trust me I know! I've lived here all my life.

Me? Oh Yeah, I'm a real country girl all right! lol, what do you want to know? Well, there's not much to tell really....hmmm...My name is Tabitha Anne Vincent...

AGE: None of your business




Iím a pretty positive person, I think, even though I pretty much keep to myself. Iím not real outgoing. Itís like, I feel like everyone is perfect and Iím not. For instance, when I go to the mall; Is everyone but me a size 2? Seriously! Everyone is a model and has Mr. Wall Street or Dr. So-and-so as a husband with 3 perfect children who excel at soccer surrounding them! I feel like a loser! Oh sorry, I did a tangent didnít I? Okay, well... I like cooking sewing and scrapbooking. I play the harp, am a bookworm, gosh what else? I think thatís it...yeah..hmm okay yeah thatís it. Big thrill huh?

FAMILY HISTORY: Mom and Dad grew up around Cleveland Ohio. Dadís parents owned a farm in Westlake. It was the 50s when they put that Witch village in Cleveland. The government encouraged the citizens to help them assimilate. They even got paid a little something to hire in witches so Grandad did. It was a nightmare. They were lazy, always intoxicated and were really crude to Gramma and my aunts. They made Gramma cry. My dad and his brothers were afraid of them because they did magic out in the barn and he knew what they could do. One of them even hung my Uncle Byron in the air for a half hour just taunting him for nothing! Grandad finally fired them. They were afraid theyíd come back and do something so they sold the farm and bought the land in Greenville where we live today. Dad still remembers that. He hates witches.

Family members : All Normal people.

Siblings names/ages:

Brothers: Carl (43) Wife: Annie Ė kids - Jason, Kylie & Joshua
Peter: (43) Wife: Jenny Ė kids - Beth & Maria
Steve: (41) Wife: Jessica Ė kids Ė Valarie, Mackenzie (boy), Jamie, (girl) & Heath.

Parents names/ages: Charlotte Vincent :59 Harvard Vincent: 59

Other family names:

Dadís Family: Aunt Lisa (Vincent) & Uncle George Fredrick , Aunt Lorraine (Vincent) & Uncle Charlie Martin, Aunt Barb & Uncle Joe Vincent, Aunt Bea & Uncle Rick Vincent. Aunt Lottie and Uncle Byron Vincent.

Momís Family: (Thornton)
Aunt Becky & Uncle Jeff Thornton,. Aunt Kathy & Uncle Gordon Thornton, Aunt Elaine (Thornton) & Uncle Miles Butcher, Aunt Marie (Vincent) & Uncle Harry Barber.


We are middle class good people. We live on a farm in Greenville, Ohio. Thatís about an hour from Cincinnati. Weíre farmers on Dadís side, from as far back as anyone can remember. Mom and dad still work the farm. My brothers all have houses on the property. Carl is a doctor and Jimmy is a lawyer. Steve was an accountant but he quit to work the farm with Dad, Byron and me. I wouldnít want to be anywhere else. I think living on a farm and being in the country is the greatest place a person could be.


Iíve always been chubby, even as a kid. I wanted so bad for people to like me but you know how that goes. I slept with the first guy who showed interest and then everyone after that just to have a boyfriend. It worked but not for long. After a while everyone just talked about me. The girls made fun of me and so did the boys. It was really hard. The boys were really mean. Itís pretty humiliating to have a guy youíve been with act like youíre some sort of goat. But thatís what they did. I cried a lot. I was so glad when I graduated. I didnít go to college because I didnít want to see those people anymore, and I was going to work with Dad and the boys so why bother right?

So, I work on the farm and my Sister in Law, Annie asked me to watch her kids for her and I did. When they got older and went to school, one of her friends asked me to watch hers, and so on! So, actually, I never went to college or anything but Iím a really sought after part-time nanny! Great huh? I like my life but get lonely in the guy department. All guys want a supermodel and not a fat farm girl who canít stop baking and eating apple pie. Oh well, I am happy and since Iím a nanny I get to have kids around a lot and I'm really active in my church. Its not a big church but its family you know? Thats important. Someday I'd like my own family. Time's running out I know but I always have hope, but Iím not unrealistic.


I have blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I could use to lose ---lol Ė a few pounds! Okay, more than a few. Iím 5í6. I guess thatís it!

Oh wow look! Just in time! AAA is here! Why don't you let me fill this travel mug up for you, one for the road and all that! Oh no, you don't need to send it back. Oh wait!! Want an extra piece of pie too?

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