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My name is RÍve, which means "Dream" in French.

As a child, I told I had an overactive imagination *rolls eyes* I think everyone should have been thanking their lucky stars I HAD an imagination. Not like today, when kids and young adults are fed kiddycrack in the form of digital heroin. Yeah, I suppose that's a little extreme, but that's the way I see most merchandizing cartoons and video games. Hey, I play adventure games, but at least those make you think!

I shouldn't be so down on them, I guess, but I see video drones everywhere, who can't seem to see the Real World for what it is, much less recognize the stuff that can't be seen....

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but I know there's something going on. I can feel it, and it's not my overactive imagination....

I have these recurring dreams where I'm a Sidhe.

I have a talent which consumes me; I am a Talisman Witch, who specializes in making objects of magic. I weave the elements to create objects of power. A simple spell might inbue a rock with fire, to give a trebuchet a magic fireball. A complicated one might draw many elements into a sphere, compressed and locked into a magical orb bound with fine silver that can be worn to protect one's spirit.

Each spell is different, and minor ones might take only moments, but complicated ones can take next to forever.

But I am not alone in this world. There are many creatures and beings of power.

One who often likes to follow me, is a sidhe cat named Chameleon. He often likes to change his appearance, like the color of his fur and eyes. I do not yet know if he can change his shape.

I do not pretend to own him. He owns himself and does not hesitate to show it. But I like when he chooses to accompany me. Most of the time.

I have heard the call to all Sidhe, Dark and Light,
telling of the coming storm.

I will go, as I must.

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