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Salutations! I am His Royal Highness Prince George Edward Alexander Edmund of the United Kingdom, fourth son of King George V and Queen Mary, and a grandson of King Edward VII. Mostly everyone, however, calls me Georgie. I'm the second youngest (well, technically, the youngest now, since our youngest, Johnnie, died in 1919) of six children. Ahead of me, there's David (or Edward, the Prince of Wales), Bertie (Albert, Duke of York), Mary, and Henry (Harry).

Me, around 1904/5. What an outfit! I was born on December 20, 1902 at York Cottage, Sandringham, the fifth child and fourth boy, born almost two years after my great-grandmother, Queen Victoria died, so unlike my older siblings, I never knew her. (Although Harry was just a baby when she died, so he doesn't really count...) When I was baptised the following January, my parents decided to have the bishop use "ordinary water" as opposed to water from the Jordan River, which is usually used for royal christenings, so I supposed I'm rather an ordinary fellow because of it! At birth, I was known as "HRH Prince George of Wales." When my father ascended the throne on May 6, 1910, I became "HRH The Prince George." There's an interesting story about my father's coronation in 1911. My elder siblings and I were riding in an open carriage, when David and Bertie decided they wanted more room, so they tried to stuff me under the seat. Of course, I wasn't going without a fight, and so sister Mary had to separate us, managing to lose her coronet in the process.

With my darling wife Marina.Like my brothers, I was given a tutor as a small child. I followed Harry to St. Peter's Court Preparatory School at Broadstairs in Kent. At thirteen, I went to the naval college at Osbourne, like David and Bertie (and my father before us) where I was absolutely miserable, and Dartmouth. I stayed in the navy until 1929, serving on the HMS Iron Duke and later the HMS Nelson. After leaving the navy, I held posts at the Foreign Office and the Home Office, the first member of the British Royal Family to work as a civil servant. At the start of World War II, I went back into military service at the rank of rear admiral, serving on the Intelligence Division of the Admiralty. I transferred to the Royal Air Force in 1940.

I was created Duke of Kent on 12 October, 1934, and the following month, on November 29 1934, I married Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, the daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark and the Grand Duchess Elena Vladmirovna of Russia, at Westminster Abbey. Ours was the last marriage between a son of a British Sovereign and a member of a foreign royal house to date. With Marina and our children: Edward, Alexandra, and baby Michael, at Michael's christening, August 1942.We had three children: Prince Edward George Nicholas Patrick of Kent, born August 9, 1935; Princess Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel of Kent, born on Christmas Day of 1936; and Prince Michael George Charles Franklin (the latter because one of his godfathers was President Franklin Roosevelt.) who was born on July 2, 1942. A family friend remarked once: 'the Duke seems to love this tiny infant. Every evening, he leaves the table shortly after ten o'clock and carries his youngest son to the nursery and lays him in his cot and stands watching and watching. Nannie told me that each night she discreetly leaves the room, but she can hear the Duke talking softly to him. Perhaps he is unconsciously preparing him for the future.' Michael was christened the following month, but I was never able to watch my youngest son grow up. I was killed in an aeroplane crash near Caithness, Scotland on August 25, 1942, a few weeks after his christening. I was initially buried in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, but was later moved to the royal burial ground at Frogmore, Windsor.

Warmest Wishes,

In the The Romanovs - One Last Dance:

Can you believe it? David is married! He married Grand Duchess Olga of Russia on April 15, 1921, and she's now called Alexandra, Princess of Wales. They have two lovely little daughters, Catherine and Louise Elizabeth. It's obvious David (and everyone one else) is thrilled with Kate and baby Ella (that's what we call them en famille) although I don't know who's more thrilled, him, or my parents at the fact that he's finally settled down!

David isn't the only one in our family to find himself a lovely bride. My second brother Bertie, now the Duke of York, is recently married to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. They don't have any children yet but I'm sure it won't be long before the little Yorks come along. Our sister Mary, is married as well, to the older (and rather stuffy, but you didn't hear that from me) Earl of Harewood and they have two charming little lads, George (after our father, and not yours truly, unfortunately) and Gerard.

With Johnnie gone, it's just Harry and I left to wallow in our bachelorhood. Poor Harry hoped to marry Alexandra's sister, Anastasia, who is now the Crown Princess of Belgium. As for me, I'm suffering through my naval appointment while doing my best to enjoy all that life has to offer an unmarried prince, although I won't deny, I have enjoyed flirting with one Greek princess in particular...

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A perfect brotherly letter!
Jul 28, 2019 02:25 pm

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