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Hello, My name is Albert Eideard Apoidea. This is a quick profile to aquaint you with myself and my life at this time.

If history gives me the honor of being remembered, I imagine it would be as one of the three truly greats, the pioneers of the witches rights movement and magical education in The United States of America. I am, part of the coalition that seeds, nurtures, assesses and oversees new magical schools worldwide, working closely with the notable, established schools when need be.

I was blessed with a son who...You're surprised? Surely you didn't think....*chuckles* As flattering as that is, I assure you, I'm not worthy of the sainthood attributed to me. I strongly believe that there are personal things that need to remain personal, for the sake of ones self as well as those around him. I never denied myself the pleasure and reward of a family, however untraditional. I have one child, a son. Thomas grew up with his mother and step-father in the United States while I remained in Europe. Make no mistake I was in no way an absentee father, I planned and guided his life from the minute he was born. Frank Keene is the man he considers his father and rightfully so. He did a splendid job raising my son, a pillar of strength and virtue in countless situations that would have lesser men throwing up their hands and walking away. Sparing the rod a bit too much in my opinion, but who am I to comment...

My grandson is a Black Magic/Dark Arts Specialist -or something like that- in Salem Massachusetts, USA. A very talented, however peculiar, young man, Jon is a tremendously talented necromancer and near genius in the art of wandless and proactive magic, a chip off the very old block if I may say so.

My infinitely charming and precious granddaughter is a most exceptional student. No great surprise as she's shown great promise since birth. As it is, she is far too young to show a specialty, but that comes in due time. Thomas and I are divided on the idea of Pelagie becoming the first Headmistress, of The Salem School. In my mind there is no question and there should be no time wasted in grooming her for her destiny. He refuses to even entertain the idea, insisting she live 'as a typical American teenager.' American teenager indeed! Have you seen what those nymphs are wearing these days? Balderdash! We shall see.

So, for now, with her father's new knowlege of her existence, the poor child is shuffled between Beauxbatons Academy, near her mother in France and The Salem School where her father is Headmaster.

Thomas and Pelagie's mother, Ms. Lemonier ,seem to have difficulty agreeing on most everything. Truthfully, they have difficulty speaking each others name...something about my son being unable to remember her's. Not uncommon for youngsters these days I'm afraid.

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