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Jackson Square:

Mysti Petit, is not your typical blonde bombshell heiress, nor is she your picture of a starving, struggling artist. She runs a gallery in the Arts/Warehouse district of New Orleans, the gallery is her pride and joy. kado, Creole for gift, has been just that for the twenty-something artist. Her own work plus the work of several local artists are featured in the gallery and have been purchased by several notable figures in New Orleans.

Pretty little bohemian princess is down to earth and fluent in Creole, French, English and Spanish, she can travel in the most upscale of circles though it is not something she enjoys doing. She's only glad she doesn't have to hear the chiding of her mother to get married, settle down and have children. Her mother, God rest her soul, was amongst those who were claimed by the devestation of Katrina along with Mysti's childhood home.

Ile de Torture: Barbados:

Mysti is not your average woman. She could be called a wytch, but that would be wrong. Mysti stands a petite 5'2" and is the wife of Governor Olin Winchester, and the mother of two beautiful twins: a boy and a girl, on the Island of Barbados. Mysti isn't exactly one who is hard to miss when she is out among the people of Barbados. With strikingly silver hair and eyes the color of polished emeralds she definately stands out in a crowd.

Though, do not think that this delicate looking woman cannot defend herself, she's well trained in the uses of a dagger as well as a few other things. If weapons will not get her out of a situation then there is a majick that will.

Each day is an adventure for the fae, who is overly protective of things that are hers: Her husband, her children, and those she considers friends. She can get along with ladies of high society as well as the crudest of pirates. Versitile and beautiful a woman that is any asset for a man to have at his side, and sorry boys this one is taken.

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Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers

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Morgan Adams
Vera Delgety
Count Mortis Draco
Olin Winchester
Black Dianae
Terbus Curius Malleus
J Sprocket Stemwinder
Roy Cunningham

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