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In the Novel Dark Sun :

Raivin is the Captain of the Dark Sun, she inherited the ship from her father and it is where she grew up. The Dark Sun is more of a home to her than just a ship. She and her crew struggle to survive in a hostile universe. The Corporation has taken over all the governmental functions and runs everything. If you don't work for the FedCorp you are an outlaw. Not everyone sees things their way and they work outside the system. Smuggling much needed items to desperate planets that are on the fringes and not a priority of the greedy corporate entities that crave more power over the lives of the beings in the vast universe they live in. Raivin and her crew are some of those brave souls that buck the system and try to survive on the edge of a cold, cruel and militant society of oppression, greed and tyranny.

In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

In the Short Cuts Novel

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Your Perfume is Ibiza Hippie
You're a total free spirit with a ton of energy

That being said, you're more "hippie chic" than "hippie chick"

You always know the hot place to be... and you're probably already there

You've been known to be a bit excessive, but isn't life all about excess?

Power scents: Pear, cranberry, and amber

My Novels:

Pan Historia Junction
Short Cuts
Zone : Science Fiction
Dark Sun - Out of Print

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Raivin Cleary
Mel Hargrave
Adrasteia Hatshepsut
Susan DeVries
Silver Wren
Theo Coleridge
Emery Johansson

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Dark Sun - Out of Print
Yesterday's Children
Alien - Hive
When the Dead Come Knocking

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