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The granddaughter of Aeden's elder brother, Eoganan, Criosa is proud of her heritage and fears the rise of the Mac an Rothaich in the home domain of the cenel nGabhran. The strength and power of their new Righ cause her to worry how her family will maintain its grasp on the kingdom of Dalriada. Criosa will do whatever she deems necessary to suppress any attempt to remove her family from supremacy… whether that means absorbing the new force into the cenel nGabhran or quashing it ruthlessly.

Sixteen and unwed, Criosa finds herself the object of unwanted marriage negotiations. Desperate to find another who will provide a satisfactory alliance, she has her sights set on Talfryn. As one of Fionnlagh's premier chieftains, marriage to him is far preferable to the brutish Diarmait. But will Talfryn agree to such a match or will she have to look elsewhere?

Danyl has other plans for Criosa though. After years of exercising control in the Ard Righ’s name, Aeden’s advisor is jealous of the growing power of the Mac an Rothaich righ. Fionnlagh already commands the loyalty of those in Dunadd and plans to expand his power to the south where he hopes to restore the beautiful British princess, Rhiannon, to Catraeth’s throne. With such an addition to his power, Fionnlagh’s influence would overshadow Danyl. How far will the old man go to stop him?

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Muirgel cenel nGabhran
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Rioghnach Urchurdan
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Rhiannon ferch Gwrgi
Dafydd Urchurdan
Etain Ui Niall
Briallen Ui Niall
Sioltach mac Ardal
Bran Mac an Rothaich
Angaret Mac an Rothaich

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All For One: Tales of the Musketeers - Out of Print

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Best Attempt to Steal a Righ
October 2008

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