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Above is the statue of Hathor (Het-Hert) from the museum at Luxor.

Titles: "Priestess of Het-Hert); Player of the Sistrum of Mut and the Menat of Het-Hert
Songstress of Atum
Ritual Dancer for Het-Hert
The One Who Fills the Forecourt with the Scent of Her Fragrance
Superior of the Harem of Amun-Ra
the Eldest Daughter of the King and Nefertari, with the Splendid Face
Magnificent in the Palace
The Beloved of the Lord of the Two lands
She Who Stands by Her Master like Sopdet is is Beside Orion
One is Satisfied with What is Said When She Opens Her Mouth to the Lord of the Two Lands".

Daughter of Ramesses II and Nefertari. Her main location is Pi-Ramesses but she travels often to various places where there are temples to Hathor and perform her duties as a Princess of the land of Kemet.

She loves best to be with her family and if her father Usermaatre needs her for some task she is always willing to help.

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