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Aren't I gorgeous?

I adopted Calliope as My Girl on Friday the 13th.
Because of that, she's named me Lucky.
You can read her side of the story here in her blog.

Calliope is a pretty good human. She feeds me lots of yummy kitty food. I don't really like people food; Calliope says that makes her lucky too.

Hey, what's on the Desk?
Calliope says she loves my colors,
and how the tips of my ears are white.
I say I'm just naturally beautiful. I spend a lot of time grooming,
so I look my best and feel nice and soft.

Calliope took this picture of me sleeping. She laughs at how my paws are curled up. I'm also sleeping on a piece of paper. I love my paper;
I stand on it or lay on it. Calliope laughs at that too.

So now, I mew at her and insist on sleeping on her stomach.
No more pictures or laughing that way.

I just love presents!! Calliope has given me a bunch.
The ribbons are the best part!

Calliope figures I'm on Life #2, at least.
I neither confirm nor deny that rumor.

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Go ahead, leave me a message!

See my friends below
There are lots of other kitties on this site.

Punkin mews
Punkin is my brother. He's an attention monger,
so pet him to visit his home at Pan.

Clare mews
This is my friend Clare. She was the first to welcome me to Pan.
If you pet her, she might let you visit her home.

Daphne mews
This is another friend, named Daphne. She didn't want to be left out either. If you pet her, she'll show you where she lives.

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