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Aahotep: Princess of Thebes

King’s daughter, King’s sister, Great Royal Wife and King’s mother

Daughter of Senakhtenre Tao I and Tetisheri and thus the full sister of Seqenenra Tao II, to whom she is also married. Aahotep is the the mother of Si Amun, his twin brother Kamose, her eldest daughter Ahmes-Nefertari, her youngest son Ahmose, and youngest daughter Tani.

In later years Aahotep was widowed and took on ever greater responsibilities. She was given an inlaid bronze battle-ax. The battle-axe was inlaid with a Cretan-style griffin and called Ahhotep “Mistress of the Islands,” for as regent to her young son Ahmose she controlled trade in the Eastern Mediterranean.

She was also granted a necklace bearing three solid gold flies, for displays of valor on the battlefield, virtually unheard of for a woman. An inscription on a stela at Karnak declared: “She is the one who looked after Egypt’s troops and guarded them. She brought back the deserters. She pacified Upper Egypt and drove out the rebels.”

Indeed, it appears that Queen Ahhotep not only ruled Egypt single-handed while Ahmose was a child, but that she also conscripted, trained, and equipped her troops, and seems to have led them into battle herself—a remarkable achievement in such troubled times.

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