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Super Daily Index for Thursday, 8 April 2021

  Featured Panda Post by Sesen from Jul 12, 2012 08:47 am

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Reference Book & Magazine Boards

Action Black and Blue Magazine

 Discussion Posts
2021-04-08 06:03:07 Privileges Serial Killers Enjoyed In Prison - Richard Ramirez’s New Set Of Teeth by Khepri

Other Fleur-de-lis Reference Book

 Discussion Posts
2021-04-08 04:34:55 How Chilis Got Spicy (and Why We Love the Burn) by Lesedi Aygul

 Social Board Posts
2021-04-08 04:31:50 Lesedi's Garden Log: A New Cold Frame by Lesedi Aygul

Contemporary From the Balcony Magazine

 Social Board Posts
2021-04-08 00:28:39 RE: Movie Tag XXXIV #135 by Rita Gabriel
2021-04-08 00:29:43 RE: Actor/Actress XVIII - 67 by Rita Gabriel
2021-04-08 05:53:12 Movie Tag XXXIV #136 by Captain StarCastle
2021-04-08 05:59:59 Actor/Actress XVIII - 68 by Captain StarCastle
2021-04-08 17:32:32 Actor/Actress XVIII - 69 by Selene
2021-04-08 17:37:55 Movie Tag XXXIV #137 by Selene

Other The Factory Reference Book

 Social Board Posts
2021-04-08 06:05:32 Rare Discoveries About Famous Artists And Their Art - Mysterious Vandalism Finally Solved by Kelly Dooodle

Other The Tenth Muse Reference Book

 Discussion Posts
2021-04-08 06:04:16 April 8th, 1901 By Ethel Clifford (and notice the number of times she mentions Pan by Constance Russell

History Tudor Rose Reference Book

 Discussion Posts
2021-04-08 07:18:05 April 9, 1533 by Anne Boleyn

Other Writer's Block Magazine

 Social Board Posts
2021-04-08 00:27:19 Word of the Day: Savvy by Eluned ONeill

Novel Boards

R    Accursed Kings

 Planning Board Posts
2021-04-08 05:50:33 1:7 by Beatrice of Evreux

R    C.O.R.P.S.E.

 Novel Posts
2021-04-08 05:49:44 [HQ] Shoes Not Required by Olivia Kerrusso

R    Crown of Thorns

 Novel Posts
2021-04-08 09:50:31 (Lisbon, Portugal) A Matter of Honor by Catherine of Austria

 Story Board Posts
2021-04-08 07:10:56 The Courts of Crown of Thorns by Bona Sforza
2021-04-08 07:11:38 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; England by Thomas Cromwell
2021-04-08 10:56:15 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; Portugal by Catherine of Austria
2021-04-08 11:37:21 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; Hungary by Louis II
2021-04-08 11:40:04 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; Silesia by Louis II
2021-04-08 11:42:14 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; Bohemians, who supported Ferdinand of Habsburg by Louis II
2021-04-08 11:48:10 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; Transylvania by John Szapolyai

 Planning Board Posts
2021-04-08 01:27:06 Plots and Story Ideas: Chapter Three: Spring 1528 - Small Update by Bona Sforza
2021-04-08 01:37:36 Plots and Story Ideas: Chapter Three: Draft Outline (Summer 1528 Onwards) by Bona Sforza
2021-04-08 07:14:04 RE: An Idea - England by Thomas Cromwell
2021-04-08 09:52:41 RE: An Idea - England by Catherine of Austria
2021-04-08 11:16:49 Infante Henrique by Eleanor of Austria
2021-04-08 11:33:28 RE: Infante Henrique by Orsola Kanissay
2021-04-08 11:53:15 RE: An Idea by John Szapolyai

NC-17    Lone Star Hauntings

 Novel Posts
2021-04-08 16:03:39 Spooked by Jennifer Martinez

 Planning Board Posts
2021-04-08 16:01:50 RE: Planning and Plotting II: Chapter 13: Jen, Sean and Mars by Jennifer Martinez

PG-13    The Romanovs - One Last Dance

 Story Board Posts
2021-04-08 08:03:26 RE: OTMA's tiaras - T&M? by Marie Nikolaievna

R    The Sandbox

 Novel Posts
2021-04-08 05:51:06 Knowing a Secret by Captain StarCastle

PG-13    Zone : History

 Story Board Posts
2021-04-08 00:34:40 This Day in History: April 8th, 1798 Birth of Dionysios Solomos, Greek poet and author by Boudika

Blog Boards

   Korvus Korax: Flight of Fancy by Korvus Korax
2021-04-08 06:07:51 Superstitious Beliefs Involving Numbers - On the Flip Side by Korvus Korax
2021-04-08 07:22:02 "Bury a Friend" by Billie Eilish by Korvus Korax

   The Wolf's Den by RavenWolf
2021-04-08 22:07:48 Still Going To Hell In A Handbasket by RavenWolf

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The Reference Connection

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   Pan Chit Chat
Hello Pan Historia! by Clio
RE: Hello Pan Historia! by Beatrice of Evreux
RE: Hello Pan Historia! Singing by Sesen
RE: Hello Pan Historia! by Sky
RE: Hello Pan Historia! by Monster Hunter Alchemist
today's update by Clio
Vehicles, Real Estate, Bandages...oh my! by Korvus Korax
Sky's update by Sky
RE: Hello Pan Historia! by Robert of Kashmir
RE: Hello Pan Historia! and a a long song by Sky

The Poetry Corner

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