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Featured for February 2018

Featured Archived Novel: Torchwood

Featured Archived Novel: The Io Effect

Featured Archived Novel: Dark Sun

Featured Archived Blast From The Past: 'Will You fight?' by: Cricket Carson from About Time; February 15, 2009

Featured Character: Ronon Dex

Featured Log-IN Post: 'The Rise and Fall of Sarah Ashley...VII' by: Sarah Ashley from Horizon's Edge

"Science-fiction is the law-abiding citizen of imaginative literature, obeying the rules, be they physical, social, or psychological, keeping regular hours, eating punctual meals; predictable, certain, sure."

This is PAN's SciFi Magazine,
Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction.

The Beginning of Captain America in the 1940s

"Joe Simon, comic book writer and artist who worked at Max Feischer’s animation studio, had an idea about a patriotic hero, the first to get involved in politics, who would symbolize America and wear the colors of the American flag with chainmail shirt, a helmet, and a shield".

Read more on Captain America in a short series by Rebecca Barnes on the thread Science Fiction and Fantasy in Other Media.

Read back into the early beginnings of Infinite Worlds in the March 2005 Edition of the Pan Historian.

And for fun, check out...Ten Facts About...Star Wars What Fact would you add?

See what else sparks the interest of folks who dabble in the
Realms of Speculative Fiction;
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Science Fiction Genre Daily Index for Friday, 9 February 2018

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