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♥††Kindred Blood: Upon the worn-torn fields that surround Castle McCone, two weeks after the Yellow Ford where Elisabeth McCone resides fighting to keep her home. Lisa stands to lose everything, including the home of her ancestors. If she does not take a husband by her 18th birthday, the Castle and all the surrounding lands will fall to her motherís brother-in-law and his most recent wife.

♥††My Heart Belongs to a Pirate: Memoirs of a pirate captainís lady: adventures of Sesen and her true love, Jack Sparrow.

♥††Happily Ever After is a magazine devoted to the discussion of romantic fiction.

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♥††Crushes. Pictures are disguised a little, but try guessing who we're crushing on.

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Chapter Two ~ McCone Castle - Dawning by Maggie Attenbrooke in Kindred Blood

Romance Genre Daily Index for Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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R    Midnight Tapestry

 Novel Posts
2012-06-12 21:11:53 (RHRN) Lather, Rinse... by Theda Karahalios
2012-06-12 21:16:03 (RHRN) ...and Repeat by Theda Karahalios

PG-13    Zone : Romance

 Novel Posts
2012-06-12 19:57:33 Embrace The Storm - What Was Thought Dead by Ariana of Cragmere

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