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Novel Application Guidelines:

The most exciting part of Pan Historia for the majority of its members are the Novels.

Anyone can apply for a novel but it costs Pandabucks to start and maintain a novel. Members can pool together to pay for a novel using our gifting feature on the Pandabox.

Cost of Starting and Maintaining a Novel:

It costs 6 Pandabucks to start a novel. There is a yearly renewal fee of 4 Pandabucks.

Why? Because novels create the most heavy usage on the site and thus as the site grows and the number of novels grows the expenses of running the site will increase. Selling subscriptions and Pandamoney is how Pan Historia generates income to keep operating year after year. Without this support there would be no novels to role play in at all. Novels that become inactive are taking up space on the server and creating a negative experience for newcomers to the site. By charging a maintainence fee Pan Historia makes sure that the novels continue to support the site. Inactive novels will be deleted. Click here to read the rules. Renewal fees can be paid by any member of the novel. If the originators of the novel or the MoBs are absent at the time of renewal every effort will be afforded to the general membership to renew their novel. Novel renewal fees do not apply to novels created before July 8, 2005.

Successful Applications:

To have a successful application you just need at least two Members of the Board, the right number of start up panickels, and a good idea.

Unsuccessful Applications:

  1. We will turn down applications that are deemed by the Publishers to be inappropriate, offensive, or incomplete.
  2. All Anne Rice fanfiction will be turned down, due to the Author's intolerance of fanfic, nor will her canon characters be allowed. All other Fanfic will be checked against the author's wishes and desires regarding whether fanfic is permitted. If it's acceptable, a disclaimer is required on the novel's dust jacket, and on any canon characters created for it. For more information about Pan's policy on Fanfiction, or on Disclaimers, please read here.
  3. Your application must be complete with all fields filled in.

Ready? Apply for a Novel