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Horror September 2014

Featured Post: The Dead Pilot by Ginny Smith at When the Dead Come Knocking

Featured Horror Novel:

Featured Horror Character:


Horror September 2014

Featured Novel: Turnskin

Featured Character: Pike

Featured Post: The Dead Pilot by Ginny Smith at When the Dead Come Knocking

Exhumed from the Crypt: Making the Acquanitance of Mr. Dantelion by Robin Saint Sinclair in 666 West End Avenue from 10-06-09

Featured Login Post: Wessex Falls: Day Eight - Grasping Flotsom in the Storm by Maria Veracruz at FLESH

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Once again, When the Dead Come Knocking is hot!.

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Horror Genre Daily Index for Monday, 20 February 2012

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R    Carpe Noctem

 Planning Board Posts
2012-02-20 07:44:50 RE: Eddie! by Edward Prophet

R    Nocturne

 Story Board Posts
2012-02-20 10:32:52 Hell's Hierarchy by Andrew Tennyson
2012-02-20 16:04:20 RE: Hell's Hierarchy by Juan Osvaldo Bilbao

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