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Pan Historia Novel Rating System

Pan Historia is a writers/story play community. In order for readers and writers of all types to find novels that are appropriate to them, Pan Historia has adopted a rating system for how fast a novel tends to post. The Members of the Board determine the average posting speed of their novel and post the appropriate rating so that you can determine, at a glance, if you are interested in participating. This system is not a guarantee of pace, and the ratings chosen are at the discretion of each individual novel and its members. IT IS MEANT AS A GUIDE ONLY.

Why Speed Ratings?

Ratings Used at Pan Historia:

By rating their novel according to our Phoenix Fire Ratings the MOBs can advise potential members of what to expect from the novel. Collaborative fiction novels at Pan range in activity level, and over the lifetime of a novel its speed rating may change a number of times. Of course a speed rating is no guarentee of the actual pace of a novel so if you are interested in a novel you should always investigate further by checking out the number of postings, when they are posted, reading the story, and contacting the MOBs with questions.

Inferno - Writers on fire. This novel goes at a lightning pace. Be prepared to work hard and fast.

Blazing - Fast paced and lively.

Steady Fire - Slower paced but steady with regular postings. The writers of these novels like to ponder their posts and discuss their actions carefully before making their next move.

Red Glow - Slow paced with a few posts, generally, in a month, but always ready to flame into action.

Sleeping - Currently this novel is on hiatus; taking a break for whatever reason.

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